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Norwegian-American Hospital is one of the acute care hospitals/facilities located in Cook County, IL.

Norwegian-American Hospital does have an emergency room. They use electronic medical records.

Norwegian-American Hospital is a voluntary non-profit - private hospital.

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Monday Open 24 hours
Tuesday Open 24 hours
Wednesday Open 24 hours
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Sunday Open 24 hours

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This hospital is the best I have experienced as far as my ongoing foot condition. I have been to university of Chicago, Rush and Swedish Covenant. The staff is very professional caring and compassionate. Best of all they listen to my entire medical history and used the information to the benefit of my healthcare. Most of the doctors are top notch and first rate. The nursing staff was excellent. (a month ago)

TLDR, DO NOT GO HERE FOR MENTAL HEALTH CASES. I was here in late November of 2017. I went to the ER for mental health reasons and VOLUNTARILY agreed to an inpatient program. But they kept me in a small room in the ER with a babysitter for over 2 days, not letting me leave to walk around or anything. They never asked me for my insurance until I realized they were attempting to transfer me to another hospital, which had a terrible reputation and I didn't want to go to. They said it was because I didn't have insurance and I said, "You never asked me for my insurance." I spoke with a social worker who said she would assist me. Despite this, after another 24 hours, I discovered my transfer was still in the works. My friends came to visit me and I asked to speak with the doctor. I was calm and reasonable but the doctor immediately started treating me like some cattle she could do whatever she wanted with. I never even got checked out by her, even though I'd been sitting in the ER for days. She became irritated that I refused to go to the hospital she was sending me to and demanded that my friends leave, saying they weren't allow to visit. Thankfully, one of the nurses stood up for me. If I could give her flowers, I would. She pointed out that my friends had every right to be there according to the ER rules. The doctor refused to let us see the rules in print so the nurse gave them to us. How unprofessional can an ER doctor be!!! Finally, they sent me upstairs to the psyche ward. EVERY DAY I WAS THERE I was told that I would get to see a doctor and it never happened. I only saw the doctor for about two minutes while I was getting discharged, after a week of begging to leave and having my family call the hospital repeatedly. They asked if I wanted some vaccinations while I was up there, which I agreed to. I never got them, either. I was assured that no one would have to take medicine they didn't want to take but twice I witnessed my fellow patients refuse medicine, which the nurse proceeded to force them to take. Unbelievable. I took my medicine, participated in group, and was patient and friendly with the clearly overworked, stretched-thin staff. I really feel bad for the kind counselors there and the nurses who actually cared. But I still have to give this hospital a 1 star rating. I was begging to go home or see a doctor or anything but they just kept me there, day in and day out. I lost money and time from work, received virtually no treatment, watched the abuse of other patients, and was forced to stay there for an unreasonable amount of time. Please increase staff. Or something. Anything so that the fragile mental health patients don't leave wanting to hurt themselves more than ever. I pray for the people I met in the psyche ward, having watched them become more and more depressed and then being sent out without ever having seen a doctor. (4 months ago)

Great hospital but the pharmacy is very slow.i had to wait almost a hour to get my medicine after they told me it would just take 30 minutes. (4 weeks ago)

Worst Hospital ever, my sister was admitted yesterday and the care is completely unprofessional. Let’s start by sanitation, the patient floor (4) makes you gag. The smell is unbearable I had to hold My breath. The manager on the floor has a nasty attitude when you ask her questions regarding your loved one. Medicine was given at 3am and not it’s 10am and the patient ask for pain medicine in which she still has not received after asking several nurses who gave the run around and then telling the charge nurse and still nothing. Ridiculous that you have to be in pain for so long. Service sucks. The patient called me crying because no one will attend to her needs after pressing the call button for 30 mins. I called to complain, and was given the incorrect individual, once corrected the person was not available. Called back to speak with the charge nurse and she said pharmacy hasn’t verified the medicine which was put in after 3am????? Ask how long does it take she couldn’t give me an answer. Ask to speak with the Dr. and was told he made his rounds and will not be returning today!!!!!!!!! Totally unacceptable. She will be signing her self out this hell hole and getting the proper care she deserves. Please don’t take your love One here, you will be very disappointed. Sincerely a concern irritated family member!!!! (5 months ago)

Ever since we moved back to Minnesota iv called to have my kids medical info transferred to here and was very rude on the phone and decided to get snobby with me. Thank goodness we no longer live in Chicago and deal with snobby receptionists for the family doctor office (3 weeks ago)

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