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100 15TH NW STREET, NORTON, VA 24273
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NORTON, VA 24273

Norton Community Hospital in Norton, Virginia, is a not-for-profit, 129-bed, acute-care facility serving Southwest Virginia and Southeastern Kentucky since 1949.

Norton Community Hospital is one of the acute care hospitals/facilities located in Norton City County, VA.

Norton Community Hospital does have an emergency room. They use electronic medical records.

Norton Community Hospital is a voluntary non-profit - other hospital.

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To bad I couldn't give them less then one star. My 76 year old mother fell ripped her arm up broke her shoulder and her wrist Dr ison came in got his gloves to examine her arm dropped one of his gloves in the floor picked it up and continued to put it on. I told him that's very unsanitary he acted like he didn't hear me and proceeded to do his exam. I told him good thing you didn't touch her open wound he again ignored me and walked out of the room. The nurse came in my sister told her about it she laughed and said yeah they do that all the time. Ridiculous no damn wonder everybody gets staph and God only knows what else.. this hospital has sure went to the dumps in the last couple year's. Use to be halfway decent. But not anymore.. And I will be calling administrator.. (3 weeks ago)

This hospital goes above and beyond what is expected. The staff shows genuine caring for their patients and for their families. We are privileged to have this hospital in our area. Could not ask for better care (3 months ago)

This hospital deserves more than 5 stars in my family's opinion. While my grandfather is very ill, the doctors,staff, case manager in the ICU as well as every staff member we've encoutered over the past week has been generous, accommodating, knowledgeable, and just overall impressive. Our family lives over 5 hours away near D.C. and I can say without a doubt this hospital performs 10x better than what we're used too. The doctors are upfront with you that they do not have all of the specialists on hand as larger hospitals but in our case they called them in within that day, incredible. Thank you, all! (8 months ago)

The billing department is a joke. Had a bill from a car accident after settlement was made at which point I did not receive enough to pay all of my medical bills, made arrangement with hospital to make payments. Was paying more than agreed amounting and on time, my bill was “accidentally” sent to collections and after 3 months of fighting with the hospital was lied to multiple times, was refused when asked to speak with supervisor, in the end they refused to correct their mistake. Would give a 0 Star if possible. Beware of billing department. (6 months ago)

lost my son because no obgyn would come in to help. I had a er doctor looking at me and it took 4 hours before the medflighted me out to johnson city...One of the nurses even said their not qualified to take care of me and i should have went somewhere else..This place is ridiculus😡 (8 months ago)

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