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Northwestern Memorial Hospital delivers a broad range of services with sensitivity to the individual needs of our patients and families. Learn more.

Northwestern Memorial Hospital is one of the acute care hospitals/facilities located in Cook County, IL.

Northwestern Memorial Hospital does have an emergency room. They use electronic medical records.

Northwestern Memorial Hospital is a voluntary non-profit - private hospital.

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I battled a stage 4 pressure ulcer for over a year at hospitals in the suburbs. It wasn't until one of the doctors at Lutheran General recommended I have a surgery with 6 to 8 week recovery time that I realized a second opinion was necessary. As you might have guessed, I decided on Northwestern Memorial. I informed the doctors at Northwestern that I had been advised I would need surgery and was looking for a second opinion. At this point, the doctors reviewed my history and were in absolute shock that the doctors of the former hospital did not perform one of the most simple, painless, and non invasive tests available. They performed the test and had the results to me within a day or two (this was around Christmas as well). The results of the tests dictated the type of treatment I would need and was promised they would exhaust all options before considering surgery. Within three months, the pressure ulcer healed completely with assistance of medications and other treatments. Thank you Northwestern Memorial for saving me the agony of a major surgery and everything associated with it. Seeking a second opinion at Northwestern might be the best decision I have ever made. (a month ago)

As of October in 2016, this hospital has a 3.5 star rating? Compared to Swedish covenant which has a 3.2 star rating? I know that things happen at Northwestern and they aren't what they were a few years ago but seriously, compared to other options in Chicago, this hospital should have 10 stars. If you go to the majority of the other options in and around the city, they do not come close to level of staff, facilities, number and comfort of beds, food, location, age of buildings, level/experience of physicians, nurses and other staff etc and just the number of staff… I am floored by the rating that this hospital has. Seriously, just for fun, go to Resurrection or Swedish Covenant the next time you need to be admitted to the hospital. Go to the emergency room and see what the difference is.... The technology alone.... I am just blown away by how much I have taken Northwestern for granted all these years. Yes, the parking is expensive and they certainly aren't perfect and have lost some phenomenal doctors in the last few years but they still deserve at least a 5 Star rating. I had brain surgery at this hospital with several additional admissions and my mom battled cancer and major heart issues… All with the best rated doctors in the city and in the case of my brain surgeon, in the world. I cannot believe their rating. Admit someone from your family to another hospital in the city and try to go home without feeling incredibly guilty. Northwestern is absolutely the best hospital in the Midwest for all the reasons I listed and more. The ambulance had to take my mom to Swedish Covenant tonight and while everyone is nice....the rooms, staff, facilities, parking, technology etc are all so much better at Morthwestern....PLUS the sense of urgency of Northwestern....I am just sorry that I did not write this review sooner. I recommend this hospital to everyone and always have but it really takes going to other hospitals to see how good we have it here. (2 months ago)

Definitely not a secure hospital. Got patient info by phone to be fair my wife got in to ER at noon was not seen by a physician till 8pm. Glad she wasnt dying that day. (2 weeks ago)

I came to the ER with chest pain and other heart attack symptoms. I was taken immediately for an ECG - though to be honest it was a relatively quiet day. I then went for triage and then immediately set-up for blood work and a chest x-ray. Maybe because of my symptoms or that the hospital wasn’t too busy, but truly everything went quite quickly. Everything came back normal but the doctors recommended I get a stress test. I decided to do so at the hospital and I admitted myself and stayed the night. The stress test was done first thing the morning and I was released in the afternoon. I have to say that every single person I came across - in every department - was nothing but kind, patient, and caring. I never felt I had anything less than their full attention even in the ER when I could tell they were working very quickly to get my vitals and take my blood, etc. I then waited a while for my room, which is understandable as they’re all private. I got to my room too late for food. I was starving so the nurse ran around to find me what he could so I wasn’t hungry. I really appreciated that. The next morning, the two ladies that did my stress test were so nice it was like talking with friends. In fact, all of the nurses and doctors I saw were thorough, explained everything in detail, repeated things when I needed and sat with me as long as I needed. Overall I am really impressed with this hospital and happy to have had a great experience. (3 months ago)

Worst hospital I’ve ever experienced! You will be waiting for 8+ hours just to be seen, plus they will charge you up the ass for minimal work done. Not worth your time, if you need to go to a hospital do NOT visit this one. There are plenty of other hospitals in Chicago that are far more superior to this one. (4 weeks ago)

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