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Current wait time at Northwestern Urgent Care: Georgia: ? St. Albans It is a fantastic way to build a bit of fitness into your day once a week while getting to know the medical professionals in our community, learning a bit more about your health, and even having the chance to ask any questions...

Northwestern Medical Center Inc is one of the acute care hospitals/facilities located in Franklin County, VT.

Northwestern Medical Center Inc does have an emergency room. They use electronic medical records.

Northwestern Medical Center Inc is a voluntary non-profit - other hospital.

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Monday Open 24 hours
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Sunday Open 24 hours

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Nurses are prompt and very caring and hardworking, meals are wonderful, surgeons are fantastic, rooms are clean, and beds are comfortable. (8 months ago)

orthopaedics should not make two appts with the same doctor at the same time.i sat in a room for over an hour til anxiety took over.left sicker then when i came and never seen a doctor.when i came in the person said i have an appt with dr so and so at 1.same time as mine.the person that took me to the hospital was right there with me when the other person said that his appt was the same as mine.people with ptsd and bad anxiety should never just be put in a room fot over an hour.second time in the last month and ahalf.when you go to the hospital feeling not to bad and leave in a full blown anxiety attack.second time.if this happens to me,it must happen to plenty of other patients. (a year ago)

Today, I arrived at my appointment at Northwestern Urology for a procedure 15 minutes early to find out my doctor was not in. The receptionist said she tried calling me three times last week to notify me that I would have to reschedule my appointment. She said my voicemail wasn't working but she was able to leave a message today. My voicemail was working just fine. She never left a message to notify me about the cancellation until less than an hour before my scheduled procedure. My procedure was scheduled for 4pm and she called and left a message at 3:06pm. I hadn't had a chance to check the voicemail because I had just taken Valium which was prescribed for me to take an hour before the scheduled procedure. I was busy getting ready for the procedure. I ended up rescheduling. When I arrived home, I rechecked my voicemails and received an appointment reminder on 4/21 confirming the procedure. I also received a voicemail from the receptionist today at 3:06pm notifying me that the doctor wasn't available. We all make mistakes but I do not appreciate the receptionist lying to me about my voicemail not working. Granted she did leave a message but she left it less than an hour before my scheduled procedure. I had just done some uncomfortable grooming to prepare for this procedure. Had the receptionist notified me last week, I wouldn't have gone through all this trouble with grooming, taking valium, purchasing compression shorts, and finding childcare. I work full-time, I have kids, my wife works, my time is very limited. It's for reasons like this many people go to Burlington for their healthcare needs. (a year ago)

This is a top notch medical facility from the quality of care provided to the "caring" treatment given by each and every employee. (a year ago)

We had a troubled birth of our little girl. Mackenzie's shoulder was stuck and had the umbilical cord wrapped around her neck twice. Dr.Fontains quick response and outstanding staff saved her life. As soon as her heart rate changed she performed an immediate episiotomy, pulled her through the pelvis, and unwrapped her neck in less than 10 seconds. Her speed saved our daughters brain from damage. The staff then went into action. Low blood sugar, fever, not breathing, and erratic heart rate. All I could do is watch in terror as she faded. The team was able to rally and stabilize her in less than an hour. Their knowledge and speed of care gave her the chance she wouldn't have had anywhere else. Thank you again so much, and we will forever be in your debt. (2 years ago)

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