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Northwestern Lake Forest Hospital is one of the acute care hospitals/facilities located in Lake County, IL.

Northwestern Lake Forest Hospital does have an emergency room. They use electronic medical records.

Northwestern Lake Forest Hospital is a voluntary non-profit - other hospital.

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Please read all the 1-star reviews before taking anyone here. My 5 year old daughter was brought to the ER on 4/20 with a severe head laceration. The triage nurse did not look at the wound and told us to wait. We waited for over 30 minutes (later diagnosed with head trauma) while my daughter slept in the waiting room with a head wound. After demanding to be seen, we were let in. The entire experience was disorganized and extremely concerning. Locations of medical equipment were unknown if they were present at all. I understand the hospital just opened but that is not an excuse for the poor operation. In the end my daughter is fine but I would not return here. (4 weeks ago)

I went there for side pain, waited 2 hours to be seen... finally got to a bed, nurse came in told me to change put an IV and didn't even do it in the right place, causing pain as well. Then going to the CT scan where the Radiology people were nicer and more understanding and helping to give me blankets and make sure I was comfortable. It took the nurse 30 minutes to get me a hot blanket when I was shaking from being freezing. Another 30 minutes after the CT scan, overall I was at the hospital for about 5 hours. I've never waited so long to get into a bed at the ER and everyone else in the waiting room did not seem to have the pain I was having, excruciating pain it's not something I want to sit two hours and wait to see if I can get in. It was just ridiculous and they had nurses and doctors standing around the center area, but not enough beds? Really... (a month ago)

So rude here in emergency room and embarrassing to make fun of people. That is rude to tell people to take their public aid card to hospital in Waukegan. Maybe we should bc they would not be rude like that. I pay taxes too just as much as you do to be making fun of someone. This public aid card keeps you a job at your front desk in the emergency room otherwise you can deal with a struggle to making fun of people in front of their kids. Disgusting service (2 weeks ago)

I came up here to visit my mother after she had her surgery to have her cancer removed and i had accidentally left my car key in my mothers room. The sign on the door said if it was after hours to press the intercom button and so I did. Nicole answered and advised me I had to walk all the way to the emergency and she was right there at the desk!!!!! She could have simply walked to the door and kindly opened it!!! NO, she made me walk all the way around the building to the emergency room!!! I already don't feel good, I am extremely exhausted from running around trying to do everything for my mother snd still take care of my children. I cannot believe she couldn't have just opened the door for me. If you are not allowed to re-enter then put up a sign that you would need to go through emergency. What a joke!! Not to mention her careless piss poor attitude and lack in empathy. That surely doesn't help at all!!! Maybe if she had a little compassion, but no, it wasn't her so why should she care. I just lost all respect for this hospital. It wasn't even so much as having to walk to the e.r when she was standing right there and couldn't just open the door for me, it was more her attitude and lack of empathy that was just the icing on the cake. I'm sorry I even had to give it 1 star. (2 months ago)

Want to give it a zero for emergency room bc Mexican lady at front desk with curly hair and glasses making fun of people with public aid card and talking about it loud to embarrass me. My kid is sick with blood and puss coming out of ears and they told me not a emergency. I work and pay taxes too so go make fun of public aid card too when god punishes you. Customer service please don’t lie either you never contacted me bc you guys don’t care (2 weeks ago)

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