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1530 U S HIGHWAY 43, WINFIELD, AL 35594
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1530 U S HIGHWAY 43

Northwest Medical Center is one of the acute care hospitals/facilities located in Marion County, AL.

Northwest Medical Center does have an emergency room. They use electronic medical records.

Northwest Medical Center is a proprietary hospital.

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My Mother is being treated here - the second time in about two weeks. They discharged her too soon. She was admitted with dehydration and a possible small heart attack. Two days later she was discharged. Three days after her discharge I rushed her back to the ER because she was exhibiting what appeared to be signs of a stroke. Admitted again, but this time we’ve run into a couple of issues with staff not following proper, legal and ethical protocol. It’s unfortunate and I thank my Mother’s roommate and her family for sharing their observations with me. After I reported these two situations - I received prompt phone calls from individuals from the administrative team. We received a visit from Walter Brown, the Patient Access Director, who even brought Mom a lovely arrangement of flowers. He was extremely nice and reassuring. I’m confident that the administrative officers are working to get to the bottom of the slips in procedure. As for the rest of our experience, the hospital is nice, the ER staff is fabulous, we’ve been impressed with the quality of the hospital food (really good) and we are hopeful that the remainder of Mom’s stay will be good. And if it isn’t Walter Brown will make sure to turnaround the experience. (a month ago)

You're better off running into traffic and getting hit with a car than receive good care at this hospital. Unless you have top notch insurance do not waste your time. They will only stick you in a room and ignore you. Not even a blanket and its freezing in there. Now a days hospitals only care about one thing: $$$$$$$$$$ (in the last week)

I recently went to the ER and walked in to ask about parking. The security guard told me there was parking right outside as if I was stupid and a garage with 300 empty spots on the other side of the building. I rarely ever go to the ER so I was assuming they would have special parking for those who need to get in in a hurry. I continued to search for parking only to find a complimentary valet parking next to the ER at a nearby entrance. Why wouldn’t the security guard notify those who are clearly in a hurry about the valet nearby. When I addressed him about it afterwards because I was so upset he brushed it off and said “ oh yea valet is there .. but you looked like a healthy women”. YES I am but clearly someone one I’m with was not! There was no urgency in the ER and the staff treated my friend with no urgency when he was clearly in pain and fear. The ER front desk man told my friend to sign in on the kiosk after being told he had chest pains only to have the kiosk tell him “ if your having chest pains go straight to a staff member”. The initial nurse that took his first vitals kept glancing at a football game that was playing the room which I thought was outrageous and extremely inconsiderate. I recently had a baby at Boca East Regional and remembered how they treated me like FAMILY and was saddened for my friend and the patients that get admitted and treated with such lack of consideration at this hospital. (in the last week)

I was taken here because of breathing problems when my throat closed up on me. I couldn't really communicate well to explain situation but they were great from the time the ambulance picked me up. They were thorough in checking out chest, heart, etc and essential labs. By the time I left there, a few hours later I was SO much better. Everyone was kind, respectful and patient toward me and my son who was with me. I was visiting my son and nowhere near home. I was VERY thankful for their help. (4 months ago)

NWM is one of the most expensive providers of health. They are a for profit establishment so keep that in mind. Depending on who you see it can be a hit or miss. I recommend always ask about tests, procedures, and check with your insurance before you do anything. Trust me. If you have no other choice, ask your doctor if you can do your tests etc as an out patient, you may save money that way. If your situation isn't life or death, go to a clinic. Anything ER related will be high. Their are apps and websites for healthcare use them to compare prices and make inform decisions. The NWM is clean, orderly and in most instances neat. They couldn't find my paperwork at one point, but that was resolved after the doctor spoke with my physician. That was a serious red flag for me and I'mnot so sure ill come back. Customer service upon walking in was satisfactory. You can watch tv while you wait and there are vending machines. Bear in mind, I visited over 3 times and at no point could I get bottled water. Maybe that had changed now, but I couldn't believe it. You have to go through a metal detector similar to that at airports, but I was comfortable with that and the guard was pleasant. (2 weeks ago)

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