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1530 U S HIGHWAY 43, WINFIELD, AL 35594
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1530 U S HIGHWAY 43

Northwest Medical Center is one of the acute care hospitals/facilities located in Marion County, AL.

Northwest Medical Center does have an emergency room. They use electronic medical records.

Northwest Medical Center is a proprietary hospital.

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Monday Open 24 hours
Tuesday Open 24 hours
Wednesday Open 24 hours
Thursday Open 24 hours
Friday Open 24 hours
Saturday Open 24 hours
Sunday Open 24 hours

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I was taken here because of breathing problems when my throat closed up on me. I couldn't really communicate well to explain situation but they were great from the time the ambulance picked me up. They were thorough in checking out chest, heart, etc and essential labs. By the time I left there, a few hours later I was SO much better. Everyone was kind, respectful and patient toward me and my son who was with me. I was visiting my son and nowhere near home. I was VERY thankful for their help. (2 months ago)

Never in my lifetime have I ever been disgusted with a facility whom should be trust with healthcare. First turn off...the workers are very vulgar everyone on the top of their voices. While everyone(patients) waits they form circles and have personal discussions. Then under observation you would think they got this they're just running around like a chicken without a head. I will give it to the front desk workers who was able to work more efficient after you sign up at the the short time I was there which landed in an overnight stay till now I'm writing this while I'm in the hospital with my daughter... I've seen a physician coming to get a worker who have completely forgotten that she was there to work because she and another co-worker was intensely conversing...a tech completely messed up a patient's entire info on their chart. What beats me was the EPIC team who is supposedly there to make things more efficient wasn't in the least representing.. the lady was loud and obnoxious. Too many immature people on staff... everything needs to be revamped. I'm just appalled by this experience just for a cut on a forehead. (a month ago)

Unbelievably disappointed. My grandfather has the same illness I have, and no doctor or nurse will listen to me. They have done the same tests given to me to find out nothing except that it’s exactly what I had! Admitted in the hospital, his blood sugar soared up, and they still wouldn’t give him his insulin since he’s a diabetic. Claimed they called his doctors and we’re waiting. To show how high it is, last time we checked, it was 355. You have to go to the ER at 400.... We were thrown into a hallway as our room. No privacy. I can tell you HIPAA policies were violated since a guy named _____ has the exact same thing we all have, and is from ____ and is going to ____ and had to call ____ and has insurance ____ (withholding info because I’m not a terrible person and I don’t want to get sued). I heard all of this down a hall, not being whispered like they should’ve at least tried to. While in said hallway I watched as not one, not two, but three empty rooms say in front of our faces, never to be cleaned, until someone who didn’t even need the rooms was rolled in to each one. (I have compassion, but these people literally went to sleep and were playing on phones while my grandfather is hurled over vomiting). When admitted they put him in overflow. That’s the little bit of good that happened. At least he isn’t in a hallway anymore, and the staff here are more attentive than before. As a recent graduate, I’m not completely stupid when it comes to “what should I eat if I can’t keep anything down?” For breakfast, they gave him hard foods that we all know he can’t keep down. He got some juice at least. They even gave him coffee. What were they thinking? Will not come back to this ER even though it’s 1 minute away from our house. I’d rather drive ten minutes to go to a better one/go in an ambulance to one farther away. (3 months ago)

My wife and i have had to use both emergency and surgical services here in the past year and find this a wonderful hospital. The nurses are nice and compitent its not just a job for them. (a month ago)

My mother passed away of stage 4 cancer here. The hospital did everything in their power to help her. We initally had some problems with some disorganized nurses, but we talked to the hospital director and these issues where quickly addressed. The hospital allows visitors 24 hours a day. That really helped us be with my mother any time of day. The nurses and doctors really helped us and did everything they could. (2 months ago)

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