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TUCSON, AZ 85741

Tucson, AZ (November 3, 2016)—For people suffering from reflux and heartburn, Northwest Medical Center (NMC) now offers a treatment that may put those symptoms to rest.

Northwest Medical Center is one of the acute care hospitals/facilities located in Pima County, AZ.

Northwest Medical Center does have an emergency room. They use electronic medical records.

Northwest Medical Center is a proprietary hospital.

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Monday Open 24 hours
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Sunday Open 24 hours

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This hospital allowed my 6 year old son to sit there vomiting blood for over 2 hours before his ENT doctor called in and had him transferred via ambulance to a BETTER facility!!! BEWARE OF THIS PLACE! if you value decency and intelligence in your doctors then DON'T GO HERE! With the level of incompetence and lack of intelligence at this facility it is a wonder that they can keep ANY patients healthy!!! They should be ashamed of themselves and their disgusting lack of professionalism. If I COULD TAKE STARS AWAY, I WOULD GIVE THEM NEGATIVE STARS!! Someone seriously needs to call the medical review board on this facility and its Doctors, Nurses and Staff. (a week ago)

I have been to NORTH WEST many times as I am severely ill. The nurses are rude and will not go out of their way to ensure you have your medications before going into a procedure. they come up with excuses and blame it on the next person, they call you rude and storm out of your room yelling it to the whole hallway. just so very unprofessional. another nurse when asked how her day was, her response was cleaning peoples butts and kicking people out, you know how it goes. i dont know what the hell is wrong with these people or why they are in the medical field where people go looking to get help and to feel better. so wrong on so many levels. on top of that i have to pay for that type of treatment! (3 weeks ago)

My dad has been in and out many times at this facility. He is 83, with typical issues the elderly go thru. He has always received great care. It's the waiting for test results and Dr's that make you feel irritable, but that's not the nurses fault. (in the last week)

Horrible Service to patients in the ER.The Womens Center is nice though.I've delivered all three of my babies there.It's the ER that they really need to work on somehow.Last year I was suffering from bleeding when I was 7 weeks pregnant.I went to the ER on 3 occasions while waiting for the OBGYN appointment .Waited 4 hours each time to be told I was misscarrying after being poked and prodded.They coild not tell me what was wrong with me or why i was hemmoraging so much blood.They didnt know where it was coming from.They saw that my baby was still inside so they didnt do anything invasive, thank god.I was sent home each time with no medications of any kind.Nothing.Told me my baby will most likely be sucked out with all the blood flow and clotting and die.My baby is alive and healthy today.Today I came in for a possible broken toe.They ex-rayed.Concluded it wasnt broken BUT said nothing is wrong with it although it's clearly disfigured , extremely swollen and bruised and I CANNOT put any weight on it.I cant walk.It may not be broken, but it is impossible to walk or even put a shoe on.I asked for a doctors note for work, but they said Im clear for work as a mail carrier tommorrow.Brian A Hahn was the attending physician.Very dissappointed with the service in the ER and will never return. (a week ago)

Recently my father suffered a stroke and was seen at the Northwest Medical Center about two weeks ago. From the moment we arrived until when we left, the whole staff could not have been friendlier, helpful and observant to all of our needs. Everyone dealt so professionally and quickly, it was like a well-run machine. It made our experience much less fearful than we anticipated and hopefully if we had to visit again, we feel very reassured. From the emergency area on up to the hospital where my father stayed overnight for observation, every single person that entered our room had the effect making us feel safe and well taken care of. The Northwest Medical Center is only what I can deem a total 'SUCCESS'! From this experience we learned that keeping your bodyweight at a normal place and blood pressure as well as watching what you eat, can make a profound difference in your life. My whole family is all benefitting, losing a total of a combined ten pounds. Thanks to everyone who took such incredible care of my father! It was SO appreciated, warmest regards from the Sotero family. (a week ago)

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