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Northwest Hospital is one of the acute care hospitals/facilities located in King County, WA.

Northwest Hospital does have an emergency room. They use electronic medical records.

Northwest Hospital is a voluntary non-profit - other hospital.

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Monday Open 24 hours
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Sunday Open 24 hours

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Bottom line up front: It's ok. I wouldn't go out of my way to go here. So I've been here several times now and I can honestly say it is complete hit or miss with how things go for you. Some employees are nice and caring with good bedside manner, and others are completely unprofessional. It ranges from the doctors themselves to the people working at the desk. I've been lied to, ignored, and generally talked down to on occasion. But this has been my experience with a lot of hospitals, so I'm not sure where else would be better to go. Part of this might be because I'm so young. Who knows. (in the last week)

Was checked in quickly, and the staff was wonderful. Every single person that came into my room, seemed genuinely concerned and wanting to help. When there were other people that were being rushed in by ambulance, they still made sure to pop in or have someone come in to check in. Hopefully won't need to come back, but if I do - it'll be this hospital. (3 months ago)

THE WORST EXPERIENCE OF MY LIFE WAS AT NORTHWEST HOSPITAL!!! THANK TO EMPLOYEES FAITH EASTWOOD AND LAURA LAFORTE!! GAY ON GAY HATE CRIME!!!!! NORTHWEST EMPLOYEES CAN SAY AND DO ANYTHING THEY WANT TO A PATIENT AND GET AWAY WITH IT!! On December 21, 2017 after having a rather brutal, extra-long surgery for a Right Hip revision. I started physical therapy the next day. I had a young woman and gentle man come into my room. Faith Eastwood and Brian Feng. Faith said that she was going to observe Brian a student as he helped me with Physical Therapy. I made a joke about having to break in two new therapist At that point Faith kind of made a huffing noise, turned around rather rudely, went, and sat in the corner chair. Not terribly friendly or professional. My first thought of Faith was not a positive one. By all appearance’s and actions she allegedly seem to appear to be a rather angry Politically Correct Lesbian Avenger type that had a very big chip on her shoulder and a bad case of hating menand Internalized Homophobia against older joking gay men. The next day after physical therepy with her assitant. Faith came into my room by herself. She congratulated me on doing well in my recover but then out of nowhere she inform me that “she would not allow me to Sexually Assaulting her staff members” and that I could not try and touch Brian’s Butt again.” I was shocked to say that least! Here I am a day and a half after a major surgery; I was attached to a pain medicine drip. I can barely walk and needed a walker and I am being accused of sexual misconduct. I was trying to make sense of what all she was saying while heavily medicated. She then took it upon herself to act as judge, jury and executioner against me. She did not even have the professionism to follow procedures and check with the supposed victim to make sure of the facts. She did not inform anyone at the hospital Management level of the situation, or take appropriate steps to let anyone know what she was going to do. She came into my room and verbally accused me of something I did not do, she verbally attacked me and insulted me and lied about me. In addition, slandered my name. She then informed me of how I had to act with her physical therapists. In addition, she was not happy until I promised to apologies to Brian. Thanks to Faith, I literally thought I was being kicked out of the hospital there and then. As soon as she left my room, FAITH EASTWOOD IS A NASTY ANGRY SKANK OF A HUMAN BEING! SHE HAS SOME VERY SEVERE MENTAL ISSUES!!!! Later that day Brian came in for afternoon therepyl I told Brian how sorry I was that he took something wrong and thought I tried to assault him. But Brian said nothing was wrong. As soon as Brian had said nothing was wrong and left, the room I got on the phone and asked for a supervisor immediately. That began a horror story to long to type but to shorten it no one was in that was managment due to the Holidays.. No one did anything to help me. They finally did and investigation and Faith Eastwood admitted she didnt tell or ask permission to address me. Laura Laforte Patient Relations Manager then went into cover up mood. She lied, downplayed, double talked and white washed everything! They did nothing wrong and didnt owe me anykind of settlement that I was asking for. I sent letters to the Administrators who did nothing also to the board of trustees again NOTHING. I went threw complaint and a grievence. There where also issues with the staff not doing their jobs.. very few people that spoke english well, my dental bite guard was thrown away on my dinner try. I had to ask on the third day for a new gown to wear and to have my bed linen changed. etc The final answer was that they would meet with me to aplopgize AS LONG AT I CAME TO THE MEETING BY MYSELF!!! NO ONE ELSE COULD ATTEND WITH ME!!!!! Disgusting and unprofessional. and Faith Eastwood still works there with the patients. And Laura Laforte continues to lie to patients and cover up the truth (a month ago)

Never go anywhere else and not sure why some people have rated this hospital so low. Great staff. Excellent care. Never had a problem and wouldn’t trust my family your or old with anyplace else. Like my brother said to me yesterday “a hospital I can trust” (4 months ago)

Very impressed with the quality of care in the geropsychiatric and MSE units.... From the receptionists, CNAs, nurses , doctors, social workers, etc. Caring, compassionate, respectful, professional, etc. ...just the best! Truthfully, I was surprised as I have never had such a pleasant experience in any hospital.... And unfortunately, we have been to many. Also, the food is real food and very tasty! Compliments to the chef (s)! (3 months ago)

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