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Photo: Northwest Health Physicians' Specialty Hospital

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Northwest Health Physicians Specialty Hospital is one of the acute care hospitals/facilities located in Washington County, AR.

Northwest Health Physicians Specialty Hospital does have an emergency room. They use electronic medical records.

Northwest Health Physicians Specialty Hospital is a proprietary hospital.

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I took my daughter there for an allergic reaction because our doctor didn’t know what else to do for her and she was having difficulty swallowing. The check in guy wasn’t friendly, the doctor said she couldn’t do anything for her but to bring her back if her throat swelled shut and they’d stab her with an epi-pen. I asked if I’d be getting a bill for nothing and the doctor said I would for her telling me she couldn’t help us. But I got one today for filling out paperwork for 647. Have you heard the saying I did this and all I got was this crappy shirt? Well all we got was a bill. I don’t know what has happened to this place, but I’ll drive the distance to go elsewhere. (a month ago)

I had surgery there to remove my gallbladder. I had severe pain and a bad reaction to the hydrocodone prescribed to me for pain. My doctor sent me back to PSH's Emergency Room. I went and they ordered a CT scan, which I could barely do because I could not lie flat (and told them this). I was told by the nurse "you shouldn't hurt this much, it's just you" and they refused to do ANYTHING for me at all. They treated me like a drug addict. I will NEVER set foot in their facility for ANY reason again. This was the WORST and MOST OBNOXIOUS treatment I've ever gotten. DO NOT USE THIS FACILITY FOR ANYTHING. (3 months ago)

Have been there twice now to the ER unfortunately. The first time wasn't a good experience. The doctor didn't seem to care about the pain I was experiencing or to believe that I have a condition that causes flare ups and basically dismissed both me and the issue at hand as nothing worth really treating and gave me some Tylenol and sent me on my way so was a little hesitant to come back a second time but ended up hurting myself while playing softball on a Saturday night kinda late. Went to this hospital mainly for how quickly you get seen but also because it was the closest to where I was hurt at. Got a different doctor than last time thankfully and was seen quickly and got x-rays done very quickly. I basically could not move my shoulders or neck without a ton of pain and so was treated very quickly I thought. It was only me and another lady in the ER while I was there, which I get is a small ER but is why I chose there in the first place - speed. The doctor expressed his concern and said he could've given me pain medicine in the ER but since I drove myself he could not which I knew but he seemed bummed that he couldn't give me anything which was nice since unlike last time, my pain was actually being acknowledged and not ignored. I was in and out of there with tests done and a prescription for the pain medicine I needed, on my way to the pharmacy since I wasn't given an medicine in the ER bc I was alone, within just a little over an hour. That is almost unheard of at others in the area which you are almost guaranteed to spend at least 3-5 hours there on any given night. Doctor Larry Johnson was great yesterday and really seemed genuine in wanting to help me get the proper care and medication in order to start feeling better. Both of the male nurses were fantastic and were very sweet. The lady at the check in/out counter was also very nice and personable. If you're looking for very quick but on point emergency care, I would recommend going here and especially going here to see Doctor Johnson. (9 months ago)

On 8-2-17 my wife had a surgery done on her one knee. Dr Arnold was the surgeon and he seems like a very sincere and super nice doctor. Very smart and you can tell he really cares. We had very professional service. Yes they were very busy. We waited a long time which is a good sign. Yes the waiting room was very full!! We feel it is a God send that we found Dr Arnold and his excellent staff.. Thank you!! (11 months ago)

Should've known not to go in after calling on the way there. A nurse named Brian answer the phone and we ask if they were busy and he said it was policy that he couldn't let us know what kind of wait they were on which I question him about.clearly I wasn't asking him to commit to a time that they would see us but it would be nice to know that you had no patience at the time and obviously people understand that that can change at any second. So that policy is kind of ridiculous when you're trying to get care from my doctor and have things going on in your life and need to know if you should go someplace else. When I arrived with my 21-month-old son there was no one there and they took him back quickly he had gashed his cheek open so I thought we were going to get a couple of stitches. The lady who saw him and the nurse were professional and nice but they glued his face shut and I watched as they pulled the wound open and put the glue on the inside closed it and glued the outside. She reiterated it to not let him scratch it and keep a Band-Aid on it so that he did not pick at it and I let her know that he wouldn't leave the Band-Aid on his face. We put a Band-Aid on that night and the next morning when we took it off the glue came out and busted the wound open again. It was almost like it was wet and I later found out that it was because they glued on the inside where the wood was open and wet. So I'm sorry thank you for being professional but if you don't know the best care for a patient and how to provide it then please just send someplace else. Who knows what kind of scars going to be on my sons face now because of this. (7 months ago)

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