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Photo: North Texas Medical Center

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North Texas Medical Center | Gainesville, Texas

North Texas Medical Center is one of the acute care hospitals/facilities located in Cooke County, TX.

North Texas Medical Center does have an emergency room. They use electronic medical records.

North Texas Medical Center is a government - hospital district or authority hospital.

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ER staff is always GREAT! Right before shift on Thursday April 26th 6:45PM. I have been a visitor at this place several times...NEVER have I been told. ONLY 2 visitors at a time until now! I have been in several times where there were 5-6 in a room visiting for a few minutes! Just because the person working the ER desk doesn't want to be there doesn't mean I don't! What to follow the rules "Selectively" right in front of me! REALLY? (2 months ago)

Be careful here! I went to ER for a cracked rib. After repeatedly telling the nurses and doctor I have no insurance, they continued to rack up my bill. After being sent for MRI I begged them to stop because I wouldn't be able to afford the treatment. They showed no concern. Would not let me leave. The doctor was the worst. He spent 5 minutes with me and billed me at $1675.00. Overall the ER staff and doctor are proven crooks. The total bill I received $12670.00 for one hour at the hospital. (4 months ago)

Showed up with our 3 month with fever and dr barely checked her and said he saw a few red flags that he recommends we use an ambulance to transfer to Fort Worth children’s hospital. All he checked was breathing and said she had splotchy skin which warranted an ambulance. We tried to refuse ambulance and take her ourself then he told us that it could be serious for example what if she stops breathing we want her to be in ambulance. All this was after they poked her 3 times to get IV and she cried the whole time. Ended up taking ambulance only to find out within 5 min check of mouth and ears which was never checked in Gainesville that she had an ear infection. As much as we are relieved she is ok we will not be returning ever again cause all we got was more bills and no help by a doctor that even though he had nothing to go off of assumed the worst and made us as parents think the worst while putting our daughter thru more pain then she needed to be. (a month ago)

On Tuesday May 29 I came to north Texas medical center while in town from Louisiana. I had broken my ankle. They took X-rays and told me I needed surgery ASAP when I told them I didn’t have insurance (my insurance hadn’t taken effect yet for new job) and that I was from out of state they sedated me and reset the foot. When I awoke they continued to tell me that my foot was broken in 3 places and I needed surgery immediately but they were sending me home and they weren’t going to admit me and to get with an ortho doctor. I kept telling the nurse from ntmc I could pay could they please keep me the ER doctor (Gary Fagan) wouldn’t even talk to me. They gave me a phone number to an orthopedic surgeon whose secretary said they were two weeks out, my wife told them and begged them that the ER said I needed surgery immediately and could the doctor please call us back. Never heard back from them. After waiting 24 hours in excruciating pain I drove back from Gainesville, Tx to Baton Rouge, La with my leg broken in 3 places only to come to the first hospital in Baton Rouge (Our Lady of the Lake) have me admitted and a surgeon to come in and do emergency surgery installing (2) plates and 13 screws in my ankle. These people should be ashamed to call themselves medical professionals. They didn’t care if I could pay or not. All they wanted was me out of there because of an assumption. Beware when going here. (a month ago)

I brought my wife here after multiple failed attempts for proper care at Mercy Hospital in Ardmore, OK. She was very fatigued, nauseated and was vomiting bile. Mercy in Ardmore kept trying to only treat her for DKA (diabetic ketoacidosis) since she is a Type 1 Diabetic. We kept asking for her to be treated for the bile and acid in her stomach because that was the main issue but the would only treat for DKA. I finally brought her to North Texas Medical Center, and they immediately focused on the actual issue. They did a CAT scan and blood work. They said she was not in DKA and that her Diabetes was very well managed. They diagnosed her with Gastroenteritis, which caused too much acid to build up in the stomach causing her symptoms. She stayed 2 nights and was treated for her actual illness. She was given the best treatment I've ever seen in a hospital, everyone was amazing from the housekeeping to the nurses and most of all the doctors. The quality of care is excellent and I will highly recommend this hospital to everyone. She is so much better and so thankful for the care given and even the extra information they gave her to help control her Diabetes and to also help prevent and treat her stomach acid should it become an issue again. They even offered to help set her up with a Dr at their clinic for follow up and explained the financial aid available in great detail. We will never use another hospital again if we can help it. North Texas Medical Center is the best place for the best treatment. They actually listen and care. Thank you everyone at the hospital for such exceptional care for my wife. (2 months ago)

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