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North Shore University Hospital in Manhasset is an award winning 806-bed teaching hospital that delivers advanced care in all medical specialties, including open ...

North Shore University Hospital is one of the acute care hospitals/facilities located in Nassau County, NY.

North Shore University Hospital does have an emergency room. They use electronic medical records.

North Shore University Hospital is a voluntary non-profit - private hospital.

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I previously visited a friend who underwent a surgery here. Staff were efficient and professional. I returned with my husband who was in severe pain from kidney stones. We were quickly seen in the emergency room. We were provided with a private room during the examination. Two Christina and Elisabeth and Doctor Jessica quickly came in and assessed my husband. Tests were ordered and promptly executed. Cat scan promptly completed. The treatment and service was beyond professional. The icing on the cake was when they came around with a comfort cart to offer snacks while we waited. Told the Mr that we will be moving closer just so that I can always come to this Emergency room when I am ill lol. A plus service. (a month ago)

This place is horrible. The emergency room staff is the least attentive I have ever seen. Our nurse Alicia has come by twice in the past 5 hours. Have been here since 9 pm and still haven't been able to get a room and it's now almost 11 am. My mother has the worst nurses she has ever seen. They attempt to take blood from multiple locations with multiple nurses. No one here knows what they are doing. Nothing compared to the 300 location and staff. The nurses here need retraining ASAP (2 months ago)

The Best Hospital I went! I got hospitalized for about 3 weeks. All workers that I met, are really Professional, Kind, Friendly. And they're always near by you, ready for help and assistant you. All the services are Quickly, Carefully and Professionally Well-done. With top qualities and plentiful! I can say that, no other Hospital is better than this! Nothing to complain about! *And with the NY Insurance, no worries at all!!! (4 months ago)

Great doctors and nurses with amazing bedside manner! I would and have recommended anyone I know to see Drs here Having a baby here is especially a great experience (3 weeks ago)

I wish I could give this so called “hospital” zero stars. Brought a family member into the emergency room with excruciating abdominal and lower back pain. She sat in writhing pain for TWO hours before being escorted into an emergency room that looked like something out of a natural disaster film. Patients in every room and lining every wall. There was not nearly enough staff to properly tend to and provide the care these people needed. After getting a room, the hospital staff consistently showed an inability to communicate with one another. All requests had to be followed up a number of times before they were answered. One such request was for medication for someone in writhing agony, which the hospital staff was kind enough to fulfill...after over 30 MINUTES! After the medication would wear off I had to watch my family member cry and vomit from pain for over half an hour after every request. On top of everything else, it took us 7 hours to get a diagnosis from a doctor (which we had to solicit, naturally no doctor saw it necessary to inform us of the results of the tests). Luckily (that’s sarcasm) we were informed that a specialist would be by to give us a full briefing of the results and what we can expect moving forward...that was almost an hour ago and we’re still waiting. Yes, I’m posting this sitting in the ER because I’m so angry the way we’ve been treated so far. There’s more I could write but don’t have the strength. If you have the yourself and loved ones a favor and go elsewhere. (a month ago)

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