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SALEM, MA 01970

We are the North Shore's largest healthcare provider, offering comprehensive medical services from north shore physicians including cardio vascular surgeons and more.

North Shore Medical Center is one of the acute care hospitals/facilities located in Essex County, MA.

North Shore Medical Center does have an emergency room. They use electronic medical records.

North Shore Medical Center is a voluntary non-profit - private hospital.

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Monday Open 24 hours
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Sunday Open 24 hours

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Operator won’t even answer the phone. I am not really sure what’s going on with the people that work there. But that is a place where you can say good help is hard to find. My list is too long to fit on this review. (a month ago)

This place is horrible. My two friends and I came to Florida from Ohio for vacation and someone ended up getting terribly sick. We waited at least 30 mins for the nurse to come to the room. When she finally came in she was smacking on her gum super loud. We were checked on by 3 people before someone actually came in. The paramedic on hand (Tony) was amazing! He checked up on us and helped us with as much as he could. There was also a short male doctor who was very helpful. I just wanted to acknowledge these two people for doing a fantastic job. So many people were walking around smacking on gum and the uniforms of the nurses were super tight. There was even a staff member who walked right in front of me to open the door behind me and he did not even acknowledge me nor did he say excuse me. Everyone here moves at their own pace not at the pace that is best for the patient. Overall I would say anyone is better off self diagnosing themselves and fixing the problem then going here. (2 months ago)

If I had the ability to give this hospital no stars I would. I tell you no lie this hospital most of the employees and the service in general is terrible. The rooms are filthy the food is horrible even my experience giving birth to my child there was equivalent to hell. My grandmother went in there last week for just a fall and ended up dying 2 days ago the nurses especially the emergency room treated my grandma like an animal. When my grandmother went there she was walking and going to the bathroom on her own. They made her sit over 2 hours with an extremely high blood pressure and pulse neglecting her medical needs and being rude to my family that was with her. There was a lack of communication between my family and the medical team whenever we tried to get the status of my grandmother the nurses would say they don’t know what’s going on and the doctors didn’t leave any notes. My family and I are still in grief, before my grandmother died my aunt begged and said to the doctor that was suppose to be providing care what do I gotta apologize for you to save my mothers life instead of acting on STAT he procrastinated to come into the room in the middle of her having a heart attack he asked the pcts and nurses do anybody have any suggestions he didn’t know what to do. I’ve never in my life would have thought a hospital could get away with mistreating people and families and I definitely don’t want this to go unnoticed or for something similar or worst to happen to somebody else family members. Please take heed to my experience or keep it in mind I’ll never be able to see my grandma again mainly because if her health would of been treated as a priority the she could have still been here. Don’t let them or another hospital have the opportunity to do you like me or worst !!!! (2 months ago)

I was just in a car accident on Tuesday, I was transported to this hospital because it was the nearest one. The wait was absolutely terrible, the rooms and hallways aren't well kept, it looks more like an abandoned hospital than anything else... in addition to that, the hospital charged me approx. $21,867 not including the CT Scans and Xrays and path labs that were done to ensure nothing was wrong. they charged me that amount of money for my stay even though i was there from approx. 8 am to 2 pm. This hospital is a joke lmao (2 weeks ago)

Great friendly staff. Excellent service! (2 weeks ago)

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