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North Ottawa Community Health System is dedicated to the health and well-being of our patients and community. We continually upgrade our facilities and invest in ...

North Ottawa Community Health System is one of the acute care hospitals/facilities located in Ottawa County, MI.

North Ottawa Community Health System does have an emergency room. They use electronic medical records.

North Ottawa Community Health System is a government - hospital district or authority hospital.

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Great community hospital. Caring staff. I was through the ER and impatient for 5 days in 2017. No complaints and the hot turkey sandwich was great once I was back on solid foods before my discharge! (in the last week)

Went to ER last night ... From start to finish it took 40 minutes. Everyone was so kind , seemed to know his or he job , was freezing and the ex-ray woman gave me a heated blanket on the way over to ex-ray. EVERYONE went above and beyond...why? I haven't been to this hospital is beyond me. So much cleaner than my old hospital (2 months ago)

I was seen by a PA that was rather rude and unprofessional. She was short with should length curly brown hair and looked similar to a wet rat with beady eyes and an oddly misshapen snout (I’m respectfully reciprocating the level of profressionalism that was displayed toward me) I haven’t felt so sick in my life and I was vomiting blood with severe pain in my lower abdomen, I had explained the pain was so intense that I couldn’t get comfortable in any position and it was worse on my right side. The unfriendly nurse offered a pan to vomit and a blanket because i had chills that unfortunately burdened her gossip session. After two hours I was released to go home diagnosed with a stomach virus or possible food poisoning and told to return if my symptoms had increased and I was already in so much pain I couldn’t imagine my symptoms getting worse. Later that evening my fever had reached a blistering 104.6 and I was crippled with pain and dry heaving to the extent my chest and upper back were involuntarily contracting. I had my husband drive me to Butterworth in Grand Rapids as I didn’t have any interest in returning to NOCH ER for round two of wasting time with ridiculousness. Upon my arrival I was administered iv fluid immediately, and the dr promptly seen me as I was experiencing such pain in my chest and lower right side. They checked my blood and did tests on my tummy and sides and in doing so discovered my appendix had erupted. I am beyond disgusted that this immense pain and the health risk I endured could have been prevented but was overlooked by an amateur imbicile that has no business working with the sick. I do not want a reply by the complaints department so save your energy to do something about this atrocity. I can’t believe you hire such incompetent and dangerous staff. Also the nurses need to keep their personal drama and gossip about the drs and other staff in the Emergency Room to themselves, I found it extremely tacky to hear them talk about other patients and laugh at others with illnesses, the floor area that is supposed to be the professional “nurses station” was more like a smoking break room for uneducated bafoons. I’d give zero stars if it were an option. Do not reply with a phone number to call you to speak of the matter with patient relations, my attorneys will be in touch soon. (a week ago)

The younger woman at the information desk on the first floor needs to be fired for her dismissive, snobbish attitude toward me. When I was leaving the place and she seen me but purposely ignored me, while telling the person behind me to have a nice day. I don't know if that is part of the job or if it's required to tell people to have a nice day as they're leaving, but she made it clear she wasn't going to say it to me. I thought it was discriminatory, unprofessional and disrespectful. This was somewhere around 3 p.m. - 4 p.m. today. (a month ago)

I had an MRI at NOCH today and was really nervous. The staff at the front desk of the radiology department were very nice and answered all my questions. When I got called back for the actual MRI and got on the table of the machine I got really anxious and started to panic. The one tech, Brent was super sweet and offered to stay in the room with me for the test. He stayed right where I could see him and knowing he was there helped me stay calm while in the machine. Lauren, the other tech was just as great. She was very patient and answered my 50 questions very well and was very understanding. I had an amazing experience today and I always have at NOCH! I can't thank them enough! (4 months ago)

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