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North Metro Medical Center is one of the acute care hospitals/facilities located in Pulaski County, AR.

North Metro Medical Center does have an emergency room. They do not use electronic medical records.

North Metro Medical Center is a proprietary hospital.

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Husband gets hurt all the time. Last time a giant fish hook stuck in his thumb bone. We can almost always get in and out faster than the rest. The other hospitals are just too big and with minor injuries..... fish hooks, spray paint to the eye, garden tiller to the toe, horse shoe to the crotch or any of the reasons I had to go pick him up last year.....the big Hospital make minor injuries wait 4 hours or more while they deal with strokes and heart attacks. Take it from me. More often than not, this smaller hospital I can dart in- and get home before I would even get a room at the rest... best kept secret for bungling spouses. (2 months ago)

I work at North Metro and really enjoy working here. My mother in law was admitted to the Geriatric Psych Facility at North Metro. She came from a Nursing Home because she had some unstable behaviors. She got excellent care while here. The physician made multiple adjustments to her medications and she has been doing well since discharge. She had been previously admitted to a Geriatric facility closer to her nursing home. No adjustments were made with medications while there and she still demonstrated unstable behaviors. Our family is so happy about the outcomes from her stay at North Metro. (3 months ago)

I've been working for North Metro Medical Center four months now. I enjoy my job and what I do! After working as a CNA for almost 7 years, I've endured skills here at NORTH Metro that are new to me yet very well accepted. We have friendly staff that make you feel welcomed and appreciated. Love it! (3 months ago)

They really tried to help. They really hard working nurses and they got me into the intense unit so I would be okay. I thought I was going to die, Jesus was with them and they are good people who care. I lived through this after all. When you sick you better go to the closest place and don’t fool around. Bless these people. These good people. (2 months ago)

North Metro is a great hospital- the staff there are amazing- Nowhere in the state will you find people that care about you and your loved ones more!!! Its a smaller hospital where they make you feel right at home- I've used the emergency room several times for my kids and even though no pediatrician was working there when my children received treatment, the staff there took better care then pediatric clinics we have gone to in the past- I think it's sad that people set out to give this place a bad name when in all honesty most the bad reviews come from the hospital's former employees that are just are not happy with their selves!!! I want to tell those people move on and get a life- let it go whatever it is!!! KEEP UP THE GREAT JOB ALL STAFF AT NORTH METRO!!!!! (3 months ago)

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