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North Memorial Medical Center is one of the acute care hospitals/facilities located in Hennepin County, MN.

North Memorial Medical Center does have an emergency room. They use electronic medical records.

North Memorial Medical Center is a voluntary non-profit - private hospital.

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Took my son in for breathing issue, they got him admitted right away but seemed like they really didn't know what they were doing. Was told that they'll monitor my son and do xray, which I never got the results for, and then all of sudden a nurse came and told us they're getting a room ready and my son will need to stay over night. That's when doctors and nurse kept coming in and telling different story. Doc said my son was good and we can go home. The nurse then will come in and say my son is not well and we need to stay. My son was fine after getting some shots and oxygen mask but they insisted we stayed overnight. My son seems well now after 16hrs in the hospital already. They took 1hr to get us discharged, then a nurse didn't know how to write a excuse note for me for work. Then they didn't cut off my sons security cord which caused the alarm to go off. The nurse at the receptionist who didn't know how to write an excuse letter, took forever for discharge paper, then said she don't know how to get the security tag off my son. I've been to this hospital multiple time and all they seem to want is money, and don't care about what the patient really came in for. My son came in for a breathing issue and they start counting his mosquitoes bites instead. This may be the last time I go here for any medical reason. (in the last week)

In May the ER team at North Memorial Health diagnosed my cancer. At that time I spent 3 1/2 days in the hospital and since then have returned for out patient tests, treatments, and consultations at the Hospital, Cancer Center, and the Clinic in New Hope. Without exception, every person I have come in contact with has been informative, efficient and helpful, but even more than that, compassionate, encouraging and caring. Without exception. People have held my hand during difficult times, answered every question, reached the strings I couldn't tie, let me chatter away to calm my nerves, and even cracked jokes just because or laughed at my stupid ones. And so much more. I am so thankful to be taking this cancer journey with them. Thank you so much! (3 weeks ago)

Worst service. I brought my 89 year old father into the ER with severe stomach pain and we waited in the waiting room for hours with no expectations as to when he would be seen. I will never bring anyone to this hospital again. The care stinks! This wasn't the first time we had a bad experience here! So never again. This used to be a great hospital. I don't know what happened to it.. (2 weeks ago)

I was in a motorcycle accident and suffered a knee dislocation and a ton of road rash. When I got there via ambulance the Dr was fairly nice. The nurses were a nightmare. I had reset my knee on the way there so they just sent me for x-rays. The female technician asked me to push myself onto the table using my dislocated knee. I told her no and she groaned and insisted. There was a loud pop accompanied by excruciating pain. A man came in and helped me and after the xray I was back to my room. Another nurse came in and told me she was going to clean my road rash. I did not receive anything for the pain I was in. She soaked a ton of gauze in alcohol and carelessly slapped them onto my wounds. I was screaming in pain when the Dr came in and gave me my first dose of pain killers while the nurse glared at me while scrubbing the asphalt and dirt out of the holes in my knees. She ignored the road rash on my arm and up sides but luckily those have healed without infection. My last punishment from the nursing staff is when she handed me crutches and showed me the door. They were kind enough to tell us how to exit the building but I was perplexed that I couldn't use a wheelchair just to get us calmly to the front of the hospital! It was a very long hop to the front door and nurses passed us with wheelchairs. Halfway down the hall my knee popped again and my husband had to help me to a bench. Not one single nurse offered help during this time. The icing on the cake was when we finally reached the front door the nurse who scrapped my wounds stood behind me with a wheelchair and let out a loud groan when I didn't get out of her way fast enough. This is the worst hospital I have ever had the misfortune of visiting and I wouldn't send my worst enemy here. I went through a traumatic accident that has required knee surgeries and months of physical therapy and the people here felt I needed to be punished immediately after an accident. When I got my bill it literally says therapeutic services provided!!! This hell hole is all about the money and they clearly don't care about people. Find an Abbot or Allina facility for your healthcare needs! (a month ago)

Just got back from this hospital. BE CAREFUL IN THIS PLACE!! The room I was put in had fresh blood on the sheets, and I was asked it lay down on it. When I pointed this out to the nice gentleman who brought me back to the room, he said its probably just a stain. He pulled the top blanket down, revealing another blood stain on the sheet right below where the first blood stain was. It was not a stain, it was bright red fresh blood. He did not inform anyone else. When Dr Saavedra came in he again asked me to lay down on the bed, I pointed out the blood stains and he clearly said this room has not been cleaned. The nurses changed the sheets. I already get nervous coming to this hospital because on a prior visit I developed a golf ball sized knot/infection under my skin. My north memorial Primary care Dr. Reinier examined it, and told me that the bad bacteria in hospitals can enter through a hair follicle. I hate leaving a bad review, but this was over the top disgusting. And much worse, potentially very dangerous. This place needs to clean up it's act. My care was fine, I guess, but this is one more event that caused me further increased anxiety. I can no longer go to north memorial without getting massive panic attacks, this just made it much worse. If you're an attorney with a pending case I'll be happy to testify under oath as to my experience. My geeeeee-m'ale account is matthewburrell1 (in the last week)

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