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An acute-care facility. Features find a doctor, services offered, babies online, community education, upcoming events, map and directions.

North Kansas City Hospital is one of the acute care hospitals/facilities located in Clay County, MO.

North Kansas City Hospital does have an emergency room. They use electronic medical records.

North Kansas City Hospital is a government - local hospital.

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Monday Open 24 hours
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Sunday Open 24 hours

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This is my favorite hospital out of any hospitals I’ve been taken to or visited. They’ve always taken good care of my family. My brother was in ICU on life support for over a month, in the hospital for over 2 months and they always kept us updated, watched him 24/7, helped us with whatever we needed. It was literally a miracle he survived. And the staff all together was amazing. All of the surgery’s he had was a succes. There was one nurse out of many, many nurses he had that I didn’t care for/like. The foods good at this hospital and the nurses are super sweet and make it more comforting/can put a smile on your face when you’re down. This hospitals very organized, clean, friendly, and understanding. I highly recommend this hospital. (in the last week)

I wish I could give this hospital a zero. Back in the day (2008), I remember going to NKC hospital to submit my application and resume' as a registered nurse. I was so excited... But when I arrived, the only thing I received was disappointment. I've always heard about their human resource discrimination, but I refused to believe it. Yes, they hired black servant roles. The HR person engaged in conversation with her friend for about 43 minutes without acknowledging my presence. When she finally acknowledged my presence, she stated that NKC wasn't hiring and walked away. She never introduced herself... Their were so many open positions for RN's on their website and my skill set definitely met the requirements. My caramel skin may have been the issue, but I never would have thought. All I know is racism continues to live, and I hate it. (in the last week)

This has been a pretty great hospital for emergencies. The nurses are professional and give quality care. For existing conditions, Obgyn, or neurology, I would not recommend those departments. The neurosurgeons bounced me from three doctors, until I researched to find a better group. I was not impressed with the women’s clinic after the office was redesigned and the wait became ridiculously long. I do not like the medical field to be disorganized. In an emergency I would go here, but not for a referral. (3 months ago)

I tend to have very good experiences here. The only really bad one I had was when my IUD was slipping out over the weekend and since the Gyno was closed I had to go to the ER. The nurse there was very judgemental and rude that time. All the other times I have gone there the doctors have been caring, considerate and listened to you instead of talking over you, including the ER staff. I highly recommend this hospital. (2 weeks ago)

My wife and I have had an extremely disappointing experience with N KC Hospital. My wife was having heart palpitations and her PCP referred her to N KC to see a cardiologist (Dr. Farrar), and get a Holter monitor put on for 24 hours. Upon arriving my wife was seen to by a technician, the tech taped the monitor to her (which took all of 5 minutes), and we were on our way. 24 Hours passed, and as per the instructions we dropped the monitor off at a front desk with some personnel. Fast forward about a week and her PCP calls to say that the Holter picked up nothing out of the ordinary, all is good. A few weeks go by and we get a bill for $66 which lists "The services received from Michael Farrar MD". So, we pay that bill, and assume we have covered the fees for the service which required all of 5-10 minutes of a technicians time. Then, we receive a bill that is labeled cardiology, and it's $1,854! Naturally, I call and billing says that's the rate for the cardiologists services. So, someone we never saw, someone who never actually gave us any services has billed us $1,854. Billing says the bill description "cardiology" is a short way of listing the services we receive from Dr. Farrar. We're truly baffled! To add to insult, three of our close friends who work as doctors in neighboring hospitals had a good chuckle at the fact that we are being charged nearly $2,000 for such a service. If your primary refers you to get a holter monitor then I would advise you to kindly ask them to refer you to anywhere else but N KC Hospital. I would usually not subject matters publicly like this but when billing offers you no help other than, "would you like to set up payments", then I am unfortunately forced to until I receive some help on an issue that seems terribly wrong. (in the last week)

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