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New London Hospital is dedicated to providing quality primary care and specialized clinical services in a caring environment. New London Hospital is a community ...

New London Hospital is one of the critical access hospitals/facilities located in Merrimack County, NH.

New London Hospital does have an emergency room. They use electronic medical records.

New London Hospital is a voluntary non-profit - private hospital.

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i am a retired oncologist. My wife, a retired oncology RN and nurse administrator. We both worked over 40 years in more than a dozen hospitals, including large, academic hospitals and small, rural hospitals. My wife suffered a femoral fracture while we vacationed in the area. She required surgical intervention and a week in hospital before transfering to our home in another state. We have never been so thoroughly impressed by the care we received at this small (25 bed) hospital. I started to keep a list of the staff and employees that merited special thanks, but the list included every person with whom we interacted. All medical staff and support personnel were caring, compassionate and competent. They turned a disastrous injury into a remarkably positive experience. We spoke to many of the employees and medical staff persons. They were well aware of the special esprit shared among hospital employees and all expressed delight in working in this hospital environment. We could not be more appreciative of our experience at this gem of a hospital. (in the last week)

Went to the ED with my daughter and her symptoms of appendicitis. In the middle of a snow storm. Took us longer to get there, but once we did, we got right in. If it hadn’t been for the nurse who looked after her, it would have been a great experience. Come on, lady, you work in a pretty stress-free environment! You could have been a little less grumpy. They got her into tests quickly and got results quickly. (7 months ago)

I have been a patient at New London Hospital for 15 years. The quality and professionalism of all the staff from the doctors to the surgeons is just great. I cannot understand why anyone would give this hospital a negative review. Remember that even doctors are humans. Our daughter is a doctor at a highly prestigious hospital in CA. She was at my bedside during a surgery and she was very pleased with the care I was given. (a year ago)

I was driving my wife to Vermont and on the way back I started having chest pains. I recently had a major heart attack and didn't even know that New London hospital was there. I pulled off the side of the road and got to the hospital. I also have severe pancreatitis anyways, I was greeted with a smile and after being to follow me. I was rushed into a room. I didn't see the DR. For a little while ( she was the only one there so I understood) Rich my nurse was unbelievable and then when I finally saw the doctor ( Dr. Jonasson I believe) She was the best doctor I have ever had in my life. Doctors are great. Nurses are great. I live about 35 minutes. If it is not a life threatening emergency. I AM DRIVING TO THIS HOSPITAL WITHOUT A DOUBT. (a year ago)

If negative stars were possible, then that would be what I give this place. I went in with reoccurring on and off blindness, pulse hitting 190 when just sitting and weakness. I was admitted into the NH Hospital for Anxiety a few months before and a doctor at New London was married to my doctor in the NH Hospital. When I went in with those problems, the doctor flat out told my "My wife told me about you." No lie. I was furious. Confidentiality my a**. He sent me home saying it was just anxiety. A couple months later I was admitted into Dartmouth Hitchcock and was diagnosed with two rare heart conditions. If the idiot had done something about it in New London, I would be fine. If you get Doctor Kenneth Call in the ER, leave for your own good. (a year ago)

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