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2131 S 17TH ST BOX 9000, WILMINGTON, NC 28402
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2131 S 17TH ST BOX 9000

New Hanover Regional Medical Center is a quality driven network of hospitals, outpatient centers, emergency services and physicians serving Wilmington and ...

New Hanover Regional Medical Center is one of the acute care hospitals/facilities located in New Hanover County, NC.

New Hanover Regional Medical Center does have an emergency room. They use electronic medical records.

New Hanover Regional Medical Center is a government - local hospital.

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My mother took my father to this hospital 7 years ago because my mother had found him and he was unable to move properly and his speech was garbled and unintelligible. There was something clearly wrong with him so my mother immediately brought him to this particular hospital. Long story short, he was seen by one of the staff and was told he was fine and should go home. My mother insisted there was something wrong with him and the doctor assured her he was fine and that he should go home to rest. He never got better. 6 months later we found another doctor and he confirmed at that point that he had had two strokes back to back during the time period we took him to the emergency room at this hospital. Because my father was not given immediate treatment, he was told that his chances of recovery were almost nil. He was immobile and needed help with even the most basic of tasks for 3 years before he passed away. I’ve never even heard of this level negligence and incompetence from a medical facility. If you or any family member of yours is taken here, and it’s obvious something is wrong, STAND YOUR GROUND. INSIST they do some sort of testing before sending them home. My family is crushed. Because we know he would have recovered had he received timely and proper treatment because he survived back to back strokes with no medical assistance. You people here should be ashamed of yourselves. This is clearly just a business to these people. It has nothing to do with helping people get better. I don’t have much hope to do anything about it now. But we do have documentation from the visit here as well as the diagnosis given by the new doctor confirming the strokes around this time period. I at least intend to do all I can for the rest of my life to at least let people know what happened to my father here so this doesn’t ever happen to anyone else. You destroyed our lives. Nothing less. What amazes me the most is the total indifference you people seem to have towards the people that come to you sick and needing help. How can you be so callous to allow this? I am literally weeping as I type this. My father suffered so much needlessly because you people simply didn’t care. (a week ago)

This place is horrible and unless you have a dire medical emergency is to be avoided. Go to NHMC North or drive to Raleigh. You will get seen quicker at either place. Jersey City Police are friendlier than this group (4 weeks ago)

I had to take my son to the emergency department last night and was extremely impressed by all the caring and helpful staff. My son (who has special needs) was met with open arms. All three staff members were patient and helpful with him. We ended up having to put his leg in a splint and all the doctors and nurses took there time and cared for his as there own. I couldn't thank them enough actually listening to my concern after taking him to the urgent care earlier in the day and them giving me the cold shoulder. Thank you, thank you so much of any of the staff members that helped me last night read this. I wish there was another way I could thank you more than just giving you 5 stars. Best staff ever. Very thankful. (8 months ago)

I have never been to a hospital that treated patients and family with such disrespect. The care my family members received was subpar at best. I’ve written this after several visits for different family members and myself. If you can avoid Nhrmc and it’s affiliates do so. Your life might depend on it. (a month ago)

I was admitted by cape fear hospital earlier this morning. Cape fear is awesome, nice caring nurses and doctors, and you feel safe and in good hands. They had to send me over here to new Hanover unfortunately, for possible gall bladder surgery. I got here at 3:30pm, via ambulance, and arrived on the floor to my nurse (of course!) literally crying and having a tantrum about her inability to handle her work load. Three hours go by, she never came in the room. I’m by myself, just dropped off by the emts, and no one has come in to check on me at all. At 7pm, shift change of course takes precedence over my needs. I still don’t know who is taking care of me, another nurse came in the room, said I’m your nurse, ran out to get “something “ and hasn’t come back. It’s 8:15, I have not been attended to as of yet. I have an IV in my NECK that not one soul has taken a look at. I have been denied my pain meds. And I’m alone and at the mercy of the merciless. I wouldn’t bring my dog here. Had I known cape fear would have to send me here, I would have driven to Jacksonville or even Raleigh. As a nurse myself, I can’t believe this is allowed by law. In fact, it isn’t. I feel bad but I feel worse for people that are bedridden or have no family to come to their aid and are stuck here in this hell hole. NEVER AGAIN. (2 months ago)

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