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Neshoba County General Hospital - Nursing Home has been providing healthcare services to Neshoba, Leak, Newton, Winston, and Kemper counties and surrounding areas ...

Neshoba County General Hospital is one of the acute care hospitals/facilities located in Neshoba County, MS.

Neshoba County General Hospital does have an emergency room. They use electronic medical records.

Neshoba County General Hospital is a government - local hospital.

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Kind and caring staff. Gave my mom great care. Proud to have this hospital in our town. πŸ’–πŸ’™πŸ’– (5 months ago)

First of all let me say that the doctors, nurses, and general staff are rude! They do not even knock on the door or respect your privacy! They are SLOW! They don't even want to help you or make you feel better. The doctors/nurses are very rude and stuck up. I HATE THIS HOSPITAL! The ER is very nasty. There was blood on the floor and trash. The hospital staff are very lazy! (2 years ago)

11/30/16 I had been away from home for over 2 months taking care of my dying mother. I came home to find my 27 yr.old daughter having a lot of distress from being sick with URI, Bronchitis, Sinus and double ear infections. After listening to her coughing so much, vomiting through the night, I was getting more concerned. But it was when she walked out to check the mail, and on the way back she started having chest pains, that radiated to the left side of her neck and shoulder and she acted like she was going to pass out. I waited over an hour to see if this would lift and when I seen it didn't I had her call 911 to tell them what she was feeling, because our car is in the shop at the time being repaired, I didn't know what to do. An ambulance was sent out to transport her to Neshoba County General Hospital, and 4 other 1st responders came as well, which surprised me. The EMT told us it probably wasn't her heart like CHF, which I suffer from, and that put fear into me. But when asked if we still wanted them to take her, we said yes to be safe, because not more than 2 weeks ago, I put off going to ER because I was sick at the time, thinking it was one thing and it turned out (my sister was very adamant that she take me to ER) I was having a bout with CHF. So of course I was afraid for my daughter. The EMT's took her in and when Dr. Sunil Kumar came in along with 2 other nurses , the first things he said was, "Why are you here? This was not an emergency!" in which my daughter replied in defense, "I'm sorry to have wasted you time then." Dr. Kumar immediately jumped in to say and in a very stern, shameful way, "It wasn't my time you wasted! It was the Emt's, using the ambulance for no reason, to get you here!" Then Dr. Kumar preceded to scold her with a story of a young boy that had drowned because someone called for a non-emergency use of an ambulance, when the use of the EMT's could have saved that boy! But he said he would do a chest x-ray and a EKG anyway and send her home. First of all, Dr. Kumar, where do you get off scolding my daughter or any patient for that matter, for the use of medical treatments, transportation (which we tried calling for other ways to get her there including Medicaid transportation) or the aid from EMT, hospital staff, etc.?!? Isn't that what you all are there for? Trust me, if we had the way to go get help from her primary doctor instead of abusing the Neshoba County Hospital, we would have. When a person is definitely showing signs of any illness, why is it always imaginary, all in one's mind? If anything ever happens to my daughter because of dismissal, shaming, scolding, refusing to listen and believe there might be a slight truth to their ailment or discrimination because of the size , color, gender, from a staff member in any care giving facility, I will have to seek action. This is just uncalled for and unprofessional! (a year ago)

Im personaly well impressed . Rate is10. Excellent. In all areas. (5 years ago)

Everybody dies here for some reason (a year ago)

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