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Nassau University Medical Center, in East Meadow, NY is a teaching hospital that has been the primary source of medical care in Nassau County since 1935.

Nassau University Medical Center is one of the acute care hospitals/facilities located in Nassau County, NY.

Nassau University Medical Center does have an emergency room. They use electronic medical records.

Nassau University Medical Center is a government - local hospital.

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Monday Open 24 hours
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If I could give zero I would. Sister was there for psych evaluation and wasn’t seen by doctor for 7 hours because they were “busy”. They refused to let us speak or see her. She said there were actual inmates in cuffs and police next to them sitting across from her. Not only did this happen but 3 minors under 16 were in the same room being evaluated and having to withstand more trauma. The hospital is dark and creepy like something out of a horror movie. I would not walk the halls alone. Anyone can hurt you, kill or rape you and no one is ever around to help. No cameras. No people in the halls. God forbid you ask someone a question they roll their eyes and have a major attitude. The bathrooms were disgusting. Smelt like pee. No locks worked. It was just horrible. I rather pee in an abandoned building. I’d feel safer and cleaner there. Police officers were unbelievably rude. No smiles. No hellos. They literally said “what” when we my father said excuse me to ask a question. If you have loved ones please take them elsewhere. (a month ago)

Wish there was a zero rating I could give. I had my baby 2 days before my due date and because I developed a fever when I got induced my baby had to stay in the NICU for 7 days. Worse experience of my entire life. I've dropped by the NICU and heard my baby hollering from the hallway because he was hungry and no nurse attended to him. Their excuse was that they were doing reports and changing shifts. My baby also developed diaper rash from being in there for 5 days which means they don't even change the NICU babies diapers often enough. I am utterly disappointed in the service my baby received. There were a handful of good nurses but I suppose when it's time to change shifts even if it is your baby's time to feed they don't attend to them. His feeding time was 7 and even 7:30 they still didn't finish their reports and when I got my baby he was so red from crying and in a temper. As a new mom that's the last thing you want to see after you entrust your newborn to 'professionals'. I will never go back to this place. (2 weeks ago)

Over three hours for half of an appointment in the psychiatry ward. Dr. Cardoz urged my boyfriend to discontinue a medication he finds helpful because there's a slight chance of erectile disfunction/erections that won't go away. He told him either way, his penis would have to be removed one day if he didn't discontinue this medicine and that "IF I COULDN'T GET ANY (sex) FROM HIM I WOULD GET IT (sex) SOMEWHERE ELSE." Absolutely disgusting mindset for a doctor to have. He should not be working in a psychiatry ward. Had he said this to an unstable patient I would be incredibly worried of the distress and consequences caused by his unnecessary crystal ball style predictions. (a month ago)

The professionalism is unreal. My brother had a car accident went to ER in an ambulance they placed him in a room. It was 5am when he came in. We waited 3 hrs for someone to come in and say oh whats your name they never put you on the board. Besides the fact there was noone here, we even joked about it with the nice lady who had him sign paperwork. Thats disgusting!!! Doctor came in the and did NOT introduce himself, simply said they were busy and he would be back. Finally testing was done at 8 am. After waiting an additional 2 hrs passed by we proceeded to ask for results and the staff gave us a nasty attitude and completely ignored us. I will NEVER recommend this hospital to anyone!!!! Any medical place is suppose to make you feel safe! Not feel stupid because you are sick or hurt. Providers and staff need to recollect their career because if you have no care or compassion for sick or hurt patients you should NOT be in the field!!!!!!!!!!!!! (2 months ago)

Most common word was “sorry”. I got hit by a car while on a bike and was there overnight. A lot of drug users on rehab go there and the staff was so unprofessional it was ridiculous. Again, would recommend this hospital as a stop on your way to a better one. (a month ago)

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