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Nash General Hospital is one of the acute care hospitals/facilities located in Nash County, NC.

Nash General Hospital does have an emergency room. They use electronic medical records.

Nash General Hospital is a government - hospital district or authority hospital.

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I will have to give them a 1 star. They don't deserve that, but u have to rate them in essence of sharing a post. I waited for 4 1/2 hours in a room, and in pain from the flu waiting for the doctor to arrive. No pain meds not even a Tylenol. I cried for 2hours straight before the nurse said she would try to find out what was taking so long. 3 1/2 hours in the doctor finally came in and said your in so much pain from the flu. I was still crying 😥. I stated all I wanted was to go home. I received a shot from a nice male nurse and he shared with me that he had the flu before, so he could imagine that I was in a lot of pain. It was cool that someone else could relate. He gave me a shot very gentle handed and gave me my discharge papers and prescription. It's crazy because it's some good people that care but it's others who don't. You know what they say one bad apple can spoil the bunch. (2 months ago)

If the waiting time was within 2 hours which i find it reasonable, would give it 5 star... 5 star due: Staff were very welcoming Doctor Ah gave real good n clear explanation of my husband s problem, glad it was not a blood clot 1 star: Even though a possibility of a blood clot, we had to wait 5 long hours to wait! that’s just unreasonable! 5 HOURS! ?!?&$@“”%#~| (2 months ago)

Recently had an all-night ER visit along with a LOT of other folks. Was interacted with in multiple stages over 3 hours before being put in a room with a bed. Staff were courteous and professional. It was the first night after a holiday, which one nurse apologetically explained was always one of the busiest days they experienced. For a traumatic visit, a good experience. (3 months ago)

My last experience with the Nash ER was October 2017. I brought in a coworker who was having severe chest pain and weakness, with his vision going in and out. After waiting five minutes in line (with no one in front of us) I was finally able to get someone to help us and give us paperwork. He was very unsteady on his feet but the woman initially would not let him take his paperwork and sit down nor let me help him, even though his breathing was extremely pained and his vision was in and out. I told him to just go and sit down. I helped him fill it out and took it back to the desk, again reiterating his symptoms. In the almost 2 hours we were waiting in the ER, I went to both the check in and patient services desks, and kept getting sent back and forth between the desks. I eventually went back behind the door and went into the nurses station (where there were about 5 nurses sitting, just an observation. I don’t want to assume that they weren’t doing anything) and told them what was going on and asked them why in the world it was taking so long, especially because symptoms of potential heart attack take priority in every other ER I’ve been in. The nurse told me “There are a lot of other patients in front of him that don’t feel well either.” After going to the patient services desk one last time, the nurse realized that they had lost his paperwork. I guess In the two hours that I had given his name multiple times to both desks, no one bothered to look until then. The Heart Center at this hospital is incredible, and have taken huge steps towards providing immediate and thorough care. They can only do that job if patients make it past the ER. I have also gone to this ER with what was later diagnosed as MRSA by a GP, and was told that it was only an ingrown hair. This is highly contagious, and it was near my knee which is highly serious because it could have infected the joint. This is something I would just contact the hospital about, mainly because the other reviews are pretty explanatory about the issues here. But the only contact/complaint info I could find was in relation to HIPPA violations. I noticed that there have been direct responses to some of these reviews, so I am hoping to be put in contact with the right people. I know many nurses and doctors who work with this hospital and have received great care from them, and it’s a shame that (especially in the ER) there is no urgency, organization, or attentiveness to the patients as well as people advocating for those patients. (2 months ago)

We had to take my mother to the ER and the doctor and nurses were wonderful. They gave my mother all kinds of test to try and detect her problem. They were very professional and one of the nurses asked my mom if she could take her home because she was so nice to them. (2 months ago)

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