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At Nacogdoches Medical Center, in Nacogdoches, Texas, we've been providing "big city medicine" close to home since 1975.

Nacogdoches Medical Center is one of the acute care hospitals/facilities located in Nacogdoches County, TX.

Nacogdoches Medical Center does have an emergency room. They use electronic medical records.

Nacogdoches Medical Center is a voluntary non-profit - other hospital.

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I'm thankful for the care rendered to my mother. Everyone was thoughtful and considerate. The cardiologist showed excellent bedside manner. The Nurse in ICU created a good rapport with her. Ince on floor, the PCT cared for the most minute of details. Even wheeled an extra bed into the room so I wouldn't have to sleep on that couch. Thank you for your professionalism and caring. (a month ago)

If I could give 0 stars, I would. They gave me a medication one night during my stay, and I had an immediate allergic reaction to it. Then, they turned around and gave it to me again THAT NEXT MORNING! I had an even worse reaction to it the second time! Then they wanted to give it to me a third time!! It's unacceptable! The worst part about it all is that they sent me a statement taken from the nurses who were giving me the medicine, and they LIED. They entered FALSE information onto my medical record. If you care about your family, DO NOT take them to Nacogdoches Medical Center. EVER. (3 months ago)

I have had several surgeries here in the past and the staff has always been helpful. I was here today for Cat scan of my back and they did a great job now In recovery room. (5 months ago)

This is a horrible place to go. Im one of those people to read reviews and i see theres alot more bad reviews then good but i still give the company a chance well im telling you these people do not know what there doing PLEASE DONT COME HERE Long story short my one year old daighyer was very very sick!!! I took her to this hospital they were very unpatient the nurses and docters here have a really bad habbit on standing at the doors while talking to there patients as if rushing. Well i anyways !! They told me my daughter had rsv and theres no meds for this and that i need to take her home and bring tge fever down !!! Well i do exactly that and shes only gets worse !! After a week i take her back and this is when they actaully pay her attention and give her a treatment and they perscrube her medicine this time !!! Why couldnt they di this the first time ??!?!?!? Because THEY WERE RUSHING. Well i follow up with my docter and they worst thing he told me was that the docter at the hospital perscribed her medicine that wasnt even for rsv and it just made her sicknees get worse !! Im telling you people i would not go here please read this and understand they didnt help my daughter they made her more sick all because they didnt have patiece for us and it was the male asian docter who was assiting us these times. Please dont go here (4 months ago)

I have been a patient in the Outpatient Department on many occasions, and each time I have had exemplary care. The staff are very kind, caring and efficient. They are always very accommodating to my needs, and remember how I like to have things done. I am always pleased to go to the Outpatient Department. (9 months ago)

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