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At Nacogdoches Medical Center, in Nacogdoches, Texas, we've been providing "big city medicine" close to home since 1975.

Nacogdoches Medical Center is one of the acute care hospitals/facilities located in Nacogdoches County, TX.

Nacogdoches Medical Center does have an emergency room. They use electronic medical records.

Nacogdoches Medical Center is a voluntary non-profit - other hospital.

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Honestly, I would go to a different town. It is very clear that this hospital does not abide by the Hippocratic Oath that states: I will treat the ill to the best of my ability. My grandmother, 64 years old, fell head first on the pavement outside of the apartment I am staying at. Her head was bleeding profusely and she was having tremendous pain in her left shoulder. She was rushed to ER in an ambulance and put into a room at 10:58 am. The nurse took her vitals after several failed attempts which increased my grandmothers discomfort. We were then told to wait. At this point she had dried blood all over her face, in her hair, and on her knees which was largely neglected throughout the entire stay. My grandmother was to the point of wailing when I went to track down a nurse to give her something to ease the pain in her shoulder. I went to the nurses station where I was condescendingly told to wait for the doctor, even though we could both hear my grandmas cries down the hall. She was not given any pain medication until 11:57 am almost an hour after arrival and it was only 10 mg of morphine. Ten minutes later she was taken to x-ray by herself. She told me that they treated her extremely roughly, and were very reluctant to offer any aid in moving her from one bed to another and tried to force her to do it herself, even though she was in obvious pain. To make the case worse when the x-rays came back they showed that her shoulder was broken. When they found out she was uninsured, they all but pushed us out of the hospital. She has heart conditions that make it difficult for her to work so she is unable to afford it. However, she will be receiving medicaid August 1st of 2018. Which covers medical bills up to three months prior to that date. She continued to be in severe pain, and they still had not administered care to her open wounds. In under twenty minutes they forced and when I say forced, I mean forced, an arm brace on her. They finally gave her another shot for the pain after moving the injured arm causing her to scream out repeatedly. Then they barely swiped down her face and knees with a wipe and stuck a band-aid over them. We had to take the wipes and clean her of excess blood ourselves. After that they threw her into a wheel chair, made her sign some papers, and removed her. As soon as we got in the car to go her head injury had opened up and blood was pouring down her face. I wanted to take her back, but she refused due to how she was treated. If I could rate negative stars, I would. I am truly disgusted with the way this was handled. If this is the kind of care I should expect for not having insurance, then my heart truly goes out to everyone out there who can not afford it. (a month ago)

Yesterday morning my friend's grandmother took a nasty fall and hit the concrete with her head causing a nasty gash. 911 was called and the first respondents came within 5 minutes. They were very kind and helpful in trying to find out what needed to be done. They took her to Nacogdoches Medical Center. When we first arrived she was already feeling large amounts of pain (this is due to her breaking her arm in the fall). She was then treated by a very kind nurse who got her information as she as other medical problems and certain allergies. Here is where some problems occurred. The doctor came and saw her within a reasonable time period to determine what the issue was. After she left we had been here for at least 30 minutes and took another 20 minutes after the doctor visit (who we did not see again I might add) to get her any kind of pain medication. I personally have not broken a bone, but the amount of pain she was in was easily noticeable as she was moaning loudly in pain and could do little else. After this she was taken for an x-ray and CT scan both results we were not shown and only told that her head was fine and she had a broken shoulder. Now I must mention that the following was in my own opinion the reason for my review and how if this is the level of care received I would not allow Nacogdoches Medical to treat me. The nurse came in saying that for her arm it was needed to be put in an arm brace to stabilize her shoulder. Reasonable enough however even after receiving morphine 30-40 minutes prior she was still in sever pain and no condition to move her arm into said sling without excruciating pain. I asked if she could receive more and was told she received all she could I told her to please ask for us anyway. Now here's the kicker she was given another shot after that nurse requested for it but only after she came back and put her into a sling her screaming in pain the whole way through and reopening her head injury from the sheer pain it caused her. Which is utter ridiculousness and shows the lack of care these nurses have for their patients. She was then put into a wheelchair and was told to sign discharge papers and was then promptly removed after what their solution to her injury was apply pressure and bandage, even though the doctor said while stitches would not be necessary the glue to seal it would be. Overall except for that first nurse I am extremely dissatisfied with the care provided and cannot believe this is how people could be treated when they come to you for help and healing 0/5 stars if I could. (a month ago)

My husband was in your facility last week and everyone was so very nice and attentive. The staff took extremely good care of him and there had a splendid sense of humor that makes families feel right at home. Thank you each and everyone. (a month ago)

I'm thankful for the care rendered to my mother. Everyone was thoughtful and considerate. The cardiologist showed excellent bedside manner. The Nurse in ICU created a good rapport with her. Ince on floor, the PCT cared for the most minute of details. Even wheeled an extra bed into the room so I wouldn't have to sleep on that couch. Thank you for your professionalism and caring. (3 months ago)

Awesome hospital. My family and I have been coming here for years. Plus I work here. Friends are family also. Thank you Emergency room. Dr. Klingenberg. Everyone is awesome. Was seen in ER. Appreciate all your care. Thank you Xray. I just want to talk about our volunteers. They do so much at the hospital. Run the gift shop, man the main check in desks, help escort people to their destination in the building. Organize fund raisers for schoscholarships and so much more. Reading materials. A kind word or smile. A Very important part of the smooth running of our facility. Way to go volunteers. Thank you. (a month ago)

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