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MURPHY, NC 28906

Murphy Medical Center Inc is one of the critical access hospitals/facilities located in Cherokee County, NC.

Murphy Medical Center Inc does have an emergency room. They do not use electronic medical records.

Murphy Medical Center Inc is a voluntary non-profit - private hospital.

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Right now I am very upset with this hospital... My husband had a heart monitor for 24 hours & we just received the results, which implies he has a situation....this being told to us after a three week wait. And many calls to his health Dr. YES, YOU HEARD ME RIGHT..3 WEEKS BEFORE WE GOT THE RESULTS. (7 months ago)

I've been to Murphy Medical Center several times, and without exception I've received excellent care. Everyone I've encountered there, from the ER to the Drs, nurses, CNAs, even the cleaning and cafeteria staff, was professional, friendly, caring and went the extra mile for me and my family. (9 months ago)

Terrible, I've always thought e.r. stood for emergency room, but here however it stands for waiting room. Brought my young child in who was very sick and dehydrated, no one else here, 30 minutes to see triage nurse, 20 more minutes to go back. Finally get a room and over 2 hours before seen by Dr or even checked on by nurse. In the medical world, patient care is supposed to be number one, but the Dr's and nurses here seem to only be here to collect a check. All of these people need to go back and rethink what it means to be a medical caregiver. It bothers me so much because I use to be a caregiver. If you have other options for medical care, I suggest you go there instead. (a year ago)

Questionable ethics The medical care offered by the personnel at this location is fine, and the individuals are obviously dedicated to their profession. Nonetheless, I am no longer going to go there unless I get carried in. The reason has to do with their business practices. Never mind that the providers are constantly trying to "upsell" you on unneeded visits to specialists or prolong even minor treatment. The real issue I have is with their billing department. They engage in double billing, insisting on payment from the patient up front, then they turn around and bill the insurance provider, who reimburses at a lower rate. They end up getting paid TWICE for the same procedure. GOOD LUCK getting your money back. The billing department comes up with every excuse in the book not to return the money they admit they owe you. What I really find appalling about this is that they know full who has excellent insurance coverage and who doesn't, so all they are trying to do is "milk a cash cow." Since they kept blowing me off, I finally called in my health insurance to force them to give me my money back. This prompted MMC to send out statements to me requesting payment for the procedures they hadn't billed yet, and when they did so, they credited the higher payment they had extracted from me to a completely different bill. Luckily these two procedures were both in the same year, so it didn't make a big mess of my flexible savings account. About three weeks after that I got a phone call from a phone number in Murphy claiming to be Murphy Medical where I was put on hold for about 15 minutes. It sounded like it came from a call center in India, and they were asking me for all kinds of personal information to "verify" my identity. Since it seemed like a scam, I asked why they were calling, and they said my account was "not in good standing." At that point I told them that if MMC really believed that, they could send me another bill or statement, but that I did not trust them to keep accurate books after what I had been through. I then called MMC directly and was told by the supervisor in billing that the call was from a MMC subcontractor. MMC had actually passed on false information that I owed them money, but she admitted that this information had been given to the outsourced collections department in error. I am done with this place. (a year ago)

I love this hospital for the people who work in it. I was a housekeeper before I had an accident that put me out of work since the end of Feb this year. I could not be more excited to come back to work and work with the amazing staff. You all have made my heart swell with joy with all the love and support. I think everyone needs a raise!! I love you guys very much and cannot be more thankful to come back. (3 years ago)

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