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Munroe Regional Medical Center is one of the acute care hospitals/facilities located in Marion County, FL.

Munroe Regional Medical Center does have an emergency room. They use electronic medical records.

Munroe Regional Medical Center is a government - hospital district or authority hospital.

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The labor and delivery department is absolutely horrible. I hate I am having my baby there. I have been here on two separate occasions. The first time I went was in May 2018 because I was feeling light headed,dizzy,and I was seeing spots. Just like another reviewer, C. Ross stated a month ago,they were not listening to the reason why they were there. The same happened to me. They thought I felt I was in labor. I had to state over and over what my concerns were. The nurse did not help me in the bed, and she did not speak. None of the nurses spoke or even told me their names. I am from another state, and the experience I am having here, are well below the standards I am familiar with. My second visit was on June 27, 2018 for a stress test. I was wheeled up by transportation. The nurse did not speak. She took the papers from the transporter and stated she would take me from there. I am 9 mos and she had me walking all the way to the last room on the hall #18. Seems like she would have had them push me to the room. Another thing she did which I did not like was leave the door open As she was hooking up the test. Talk about patient confidentiality and privacy. My dress was pulled up and my stomach was showing. During this time, another transportation worker was entering my room with another patient. The nurse instructed the transporter to go to room 19. Once my stress test was over, another nurse came in to release me. She told me I was all set to go. I asked her if transportation would be coming to get me and take me back down, and she looked at me and asked why I needed transportation. I told her, that I didn't feel well and I did not feel I could make it all the way back down to the ground floor by the gift shop. That's a very long walk. Let me not forget to mention that I was not given any paper towels or napkins to wipe the jelly off my stomach. I just used the sheets. If you are expecting please check with your physician to see what hospitals they deliver. if you have an option, do not select this once. If love my physician Dr. Johnson, but if I knew the hospital where he delivers was like this, I would have a different OB/GYN. The L&D staff needs some professional development training in bedside manners. Speaking, smiling, and being friendly should be mandatory in the medical setting. (2 weeks ago)

Had a Bronchitis attack, my friends Ron and Sharon were concerned. Ron drove me to the hospital and I was greeted right away. I gave my information and what I was experiencing. After I waited to be looked at, I finally was fast track to be seen. I was taken to the room, Ron came for moral support, I was taken care of quickly and efficiently by both the nurse and doctors. Given 1 dose of the medication and a script to take with me. Thank you to all that helped and got me on my way to better health. (a month ago)

Amazing, Amazing, Amazing staff! Kind welcoming. They had my little boy fed with a hot tray in less then 20min after asking. It means the world to me that he is comfortable while they are caring for me. It eased my mind and is helping me during this difficult time. It's also very clean lots of relaxed happy staff. It makes it a better stay to say the least. (3 months ago)

I am so upset with my recent visit to Labor and Delivery. I went in to the ER knowing I was not in labor but for a different concern/ complaint. I told check in this and she ignored me, told me I was in denial, and wrote down that the reason I was there was because of contractions. I let it go because I figured I could just update them on the situation once I got to L&D, which I did. The nurse (Karen) completely ignored what I said as to why I was there and kept saying “you’re not in labor”. I had to explain at least 5 times to her in the first hour what the real problem was. She wouldn’t listen at all. I would answer the same question over and over again only to have to correct her again when she did a recap of my answers. She also didn’t answer any of my or my husband’s questions so we were completely in the dark about what was going on. Furthermore, she asked how much water I drank that day (which was more than enough), and when I said I didn’t want the optional IV she laughed in my face! The last thing she said before we left was that I wasn’t in labor but not to worry because it will be worth it because of the baby which further confirmed that she didn’t listen to a word I said when I told her multiple times why I was there. The only reason I have given two stars and not one is because of another nurse, Donna. We called her in for answers as we were so frustrated with Karen and finally got the answers we were looking for. (2 months ago)

Having been a recent patient in the Observation Unit in Munroe, I have to say I have never been in better hands. From Patrick in the ER to David, Stacey and Trevor the care I was given was pristine. Stacey went out of her way to make sure I was comfortable and is a classy, wonderful lady. Trevor now was exceptional, maybe I say this because I spent more time with him, but this young man would make a great Politician, or maybe a Game show host or a Motivational Speaker. Charismatic, so ,so caring and right there when I needed him. He made me laugh even after the shock of having my first heart attack. His knowledge of medical anything is amazing, he could answer (correctly) any question I had. I love you all, and will never hesitate to use Munroe as my hospital of choice. Thank you all so much (6 months ago)

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