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Mountainview Medical Center is one of the critical access hospitals/facilities located in Meagher County, MT.

Mountainview Medical Center does have an emergency room. They do not use electronic medical records.

Mountainview Medical Center is a voluntary non-profit - private hospital.

Hospital Hours

Monday 800 AM – 100 PM, 200 – 630 PM
Tuesday 800 AM – 100 PM, 200 – 630 PM
Wednesday 800 AM – 100 PM, 200 – 630 PM
Thursday 800 AM – 100 PM, 200 – 630 PM
Friday 800 AM – 100 PM, 200 – 630 PM
Saturday 800 AM – 100 PM
Sunday Closed

Location and Directions


We found our Doctors after checking several others and have been patients for years now. Friendly front desk. Quality and friendly Doctors who Listen to all concerns. Connections to other Doctors not in house as well as local Hospitals if referrals are needed. A Great place to go to, like Family anymore. (2 weeks ago)

Erika Horner is a Physician Assistant not a specialist. She is ignorant at best beyond the hugs and kisses. (in the last week)

Robert Giusti was terribly rude, abrasive, discriminatory and did not help me. One star as I can not put zero. Aparently he did not want to do his job. Would not look at my tonsillitis or history of colon polyps. Did not listen. Talked over me. He went on about how doctors don't bill doctors don't do that you don't ask for a discount at Walmart and it's just the way of the world. I wasn't asking for a discount. I was asking to find someone to bill me full price for a much needed surgery before I die of cancer. Or get on OHP somehow. I felt it was urgent, not trying to waste either of our time. I will require repeated screenings and procedures. I am happy to pay payments just don't have thousands up front at time of procedure. He raised his voice at me yelling "NO!" when I said so you are telling me I can not receive the care I need. Triggered my PTSD. I was almost to the point of tears saying my children need me. He told me to go to Virginia Garcia which is a long wait to get in plus my husband makes over the poverty line limit to qualify for any government federal funding assistance. I could be in a life threatening situation if I did not go to the ER right away. They were able to find me referrals to specialists immediately that will bill me and not deny me service, care or treatment. Whether you are billing me or not I am choosing to pay for care and services or else ruin my credit and life over it. You are a privileged white male use that to help people and help change the messed up system not send them away in tears. My father killed himself 8 yrs ago after a terrible unhelpful doctor as well. I don't appreciate being turned away so wrongly and I will never be returning. (3 months ago)

Dr. Grey Sr. is honestly the best doctor I've ever had. He listens and helps find solutions that fit MY life. They always get me in on short notice, the nurses are friendly and knowledgeable. Overall a wonderful healthcare provider. (11 months ago)

Doctors and their staff are supposed to CARE, they should excel at doing what they can to get you well again, I believe its an oath to this as well, not here though. My wife and I have had nothing but issues with them, avoid this place there are too many excellent doctors and staff in the area to waste time on a bad one like Mtn View. Its almost like they don't want to see patients, they are so bound by THEIR process. Oh, we can't see you for that as walk-in since we don't take walk-ins for that symptom... Oh, we can't let you see a different doctor without that doctor's permission, yes we know your primary doctor is not available at the time you need... Oh, you can't bring your child in since they haven't established a primary doctor here... Errr I guess we go elsewhere then? The killer as to all this is the office staff doesn't care and it boggles the mind when you sit there and they tell you this junk when the waiting room is empty. Don't go here find another doctor in Forest Grove or even Hillsboro trust me it's worth the 10 extra minutes, these people are terrible, NEVER AGAIN. (10 months ago)

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