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Mount Carmel West. 793 West State Street Columbus, Ohio 43222. Located near downtown Columbus, Mount Carmel West is the original hospital in the Mount Carmel Health ...

Mount Carmel West is one of the acute care hospitals/facilities located in Franklin County, OH.

Mount Carmel West does have an emergency room. They use electronic medical records.

Mount Carmel West is a voluntary non-profit - other hospital.

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Monday Open 24 hours
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Staff was pleasant but several newbies had struggles. I couldn’t get help in a timely manner. Everything was very, very slow with both the ER and trauma and most staff seemed to lack a sense of urgency. I was asked to stay for pain control, however, they were extremely weird regarding the pain medication that they had asked me to stay and receive. This made me feel as if they thought I was a drug addict because what they were giving me wasn’t working. I suppose those in charge believe everyone reacts the same to medicine. I wasn’t given a choice for breakfast and when I was called and given a few choices for lunch, they sent the wrong meal. I advised one of my caretakers but was never given what I had ordered. The room was tiny and the whole place was outdated. Good thing they’re building a new facility in Grove City. 2 stars for keeping me alive. (2 months ago)

I have never received better health care in my life. Everyone, from the cleaning staff to the Chief of Surgery ( yes he and the Chief of Nursing visited me to make sure I was being taken care of), were amazing! They are well staffed so they are able to do their jobs very well! (2 weeks ago)

I walked out of the ER tonight even though I could have used stitches and had nowhere else to go. It absolutely had to do with the attitude of one of the ladies at the front desk. There was no one else in the ER but she was snide, rude, and overall very stand offish. I understand that I shouldn’t expect much from the medical system in the US, but I had great health insurance for the first time and wanted to make sure I got a tetanus shot or stitches if I need it. Wow, within 5 minutes I was certain my quality of life would be better if I just bought butterfly strips and took care of it on my own. Two months later, I’ve got a pretty ugly scar, but at least I didn’t waste my time or money, I guess. (2 months ago)

The nursing staff Did not listen when my mother said she couldn't walk to bathroom then allowed allowed my mother to fall in her own feces!!! Absolutely the worst place ever!!!!!! One nurse in particular should be fired!!! Rudest treatment I have ever witnessed!!!! Filthy nasty!!!! After my mother fell....the nurse verbally attacked her!!! Hell in a hand basket!!!! Had great nurses and terrible nurses!!!! Absolutely the worst place for anyone elderly!!!! I am so lucky my mother made it out alive!!!! God have mercy on their souls!!!!! Please please go elsewhere!!!! A filthy nasty hole!!!!! Horribly bad service!!!! And no I have not got much nice to say..... except she's out!!!¡ I don't need to fill out a formal complaint!! When paramedics came to move move her to a therapy facility they said she had no personal belongings!! After Twenty five minutes they finally located her ring and belongings!! Fourth floor had amazing staff!!!the fifth floor was absolutely hell!! We had to change and clean our own mother and staff stood in the hall having a chat!! Four nurses stood in hall. And had the nerve to say your mother is our top priority!!! Really??? God have mercy on them!!! And God bless the ones that cared!!! Yes we had some amazing staff! But dear God maybe you need to send secret patients in and find out what is going on in your hospital!!! I will never forget how my mother was treated!!! Wake up and check on your staff!!! I called a meeting and your telling me that I can fill out a formal complaint!! Wow!!! I said it and I don't regret it!!! I don't think I could go to anyone higher up!!! I filled my complaint to them in person!!! I will pray for a change for others!!! (2 months ago)

My husband had an appointment today with the pain management Dr. Pap. He has major back problems and has tried several different medications to make his life bearable. This Doctor Pap walks in and accuses my husband of illegally buying pain medicine. My husband has NEVER bought medicine off the street or done ANY illegal drug. His family doctor did have him on some, but wanted him to start seeing a pain management doctor due to new laws. He kept accusing my husband of lying about all different things. He also kept exclaiming he was the expert and said one of the medications he once tried was for “junkies” he also said his other doctors were not in their right minds. He rudely said why are you here my husband said because my doctor didn’t want to continue writing my pain meds and he wanted a pain management Dr. to manage my pain. He again accused him of being a liar. My husband is an extremely laid back person and this guy had him more upset then I’ve seen him in years. My husband has no record and holds a government job that drug tests him regularly, so this so called Doctor’s behavior didn’t make sense. He said he wouldn’t recommend his worst enemy go to this particular doctor and has never been disrespected by anyone like this, let alone a professional. (4 months ago)

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