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Mount Carmel St. Ann's in Westerville has always been the sole, full-service inpatient hospital in northeast central Ohio. This hospital features a full-service ER ...

Mount Carmel St Ann's is one of the acute care hospitals/facilities located in Franklin County, OH.

Mount Carmel St Ann's does have an emergency room. They use electronic medical records.

Mount Carmel St Ann's is a voluntary non-profit - church hospital.

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My boyfriend had an outrageously terrible experience.. he was in a wreck and suffered a huge laceration on his nose. To the point where cartilage was hanging off the side of his face and a good inch of the bone on the bridge of his nose was exposed. Nurses looked at it and debated for a long time as to whether to stitch themselves or whether they had to call in a surgeon.. we felt like a burden because they were consistently saying how busy they were. One nurse even said “if you would have done this during the middle of the day I could just stitch it right up but it’s 1am and we have critical patients coming in”... luckily we didn’t see that nurse again. After hours of saying they’ll decide soon if they should call in plastics.. they got the ct scans back that indicated a fracture on his nose. They explained that due to the fracture couple with a large laceration that it was no longer an option for an rn to stitch him and plastics was the only option.. then the plastic surgeon suggested the stitch him up just enough to hold the pieces of dangling flesh together to hold him through until he could see a surgeon that day. He called the surgeon he was referred to at 9am as instructed and they told him they were a private practice that accepts no medical insurance. The going rate just for him to be seen was $5000.. We’re sitting here as I type this trying to find another surgeon that will accept his insurance. The ones we found all said they wouldn’t touch the wound until it had healed. So after we’ve been sent on our way home with the st Ann’s nurses telling us how important it was for him to follow up with a surgeon today, all the surgeons that will accept him say the opposite. My boyfriend called the hospital back and explained the situation and how his referral was a private practice.. they responded with “were a health company not an insurance company...”. Absolutely outrageous. At least we know in the future that if someone’s bleeding out to make the longer trip to pretty much anywhere else. Disgusting how the whole situation has gone and we’re at a complete loss.. (a month ago)

Felt ignored and a burden. When you call for a nurse you get sent to an operator. Who then relays the message to the nurse. Took a long time (1hour) to get a nurse to come in. Saw multiple nurses on there phone....not responding to the operator. There are some good people here but just have some bad apples who completely ruined the Experience. I highly suggest you do not go here unless your life depens on it. (2 months ago)

I read the reviews and almost cancelled my surgery at St. Ann's. I am so glad I didn't. From pre op to discharge I was so well taken care of that a very scary situation turned into an experience that eased my apprehension and made it so much easier to recoup. The staff of Dr.s and nurses were professional yet humane. I cannot say enough about the difference that makes when you are under the stress of surgery. Thank you St. Ann's staff! (a month ago)

Patient care was ok at best. The discharge nurse was rude and inconsiderate, handed me a price paper and said if it gets infected to just come back in a couple days. The doctor tried to stitch my hand without numbing my hand first. He was more worried about talking to my fiancée. The doctor did not clean my cut, I had to clean it myself, “he was to busy”, his words, when he handed me the scrub pad. I have not received a bill in almost two months. The only good thing about this place was that the lady in billing was very kind when I called today to ask about a bill. (2 months ago)

Such a bad wacky medical communication system. Have less number of employees and have difficulty coordinating the process. I ll share my experience. I was told to start a medication asap for Gestational Diabetes and the prescription was sent to wrong pharmacy even though I confirmed the pharmacy address twice. With this poor management they don't get back soon for any voice msgs left. I regret for choosing this group of hospital. (a month ago)

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