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Harvard Medical School-affiliated hospital in Cambridge. Guidelines for patients and visitors, volunteer opportunities, and a find-a-doctor form.

Mount Auburn Hospital is one of the acute care hospitals/facilities located in Middlesex County, MA.

Mount Auburn Hospital does have an emergency room. They use electronic medical records.

Mount Auburn Hospital is a voluntary non-profit - private hospital.

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I have been a patient at the Women's Health Center for about 30 years, maybe more. There have been significant changes in this time but I can honestly say that the care I receive is excellent. I have a caring and understanding doctor whose staff, for the most part, are also very good and very helpful. I have been an inpatient a few times as well and can say, in all honesty, that I have received good care there as well with caring/empathetic nurses and doctors. Even though I have given this a 5 star rating I can say also that there are and have been some issues that have not been pleasant but the doctor/s have always been willing to work with me on those issues as well. I highly recommend this facility and the Womens Health Center specifically. Although it is Women's Health Center is it a place of treatment for men as well. I have seen many male patients in this clinic and the doctors are male and female! (2 months ago)

I have been to this hospital multiple times, for an emergency appendectomy and again for a few cardiac related emergencies and short hospitalizations. I work at MGH but I have to say the care I got at Mt Auburn was outstanding. The facilities are super clean and beautiful and the staff was attentive, knew what they were doing and were very kind. The food was even good! I got a private room each time with no extra charge (not sure how this works but I loved it!) and the room was roomy with a big window and was super clean. I am really impressed with the care in the ER too. They always took me right in and I would wait in a private room with the door closed on a gurney bed until the doctor came in. (As much as I love MGH and know they are a great hospital, their ER experience is terrible - most people have to sit in a crowded waiting room in a chair, not very comfortable). I really love this hospital and can't say enough nice things about it - top notch in my opinion. (3 months ago)

I was in for surgery the day after Christmas. It was just a quick outpatient procedure. The surgical floor was very quiet with just a few patients. I was instructed to be there at 12:30 and my surgery would be at 2:30. Not a big deal, I brought my Kindle for entertainment and time went by quickly. However. all I could hear the entire time were two nurses complaining, very loudly, about how poorly they are treated and how they didn't want to be there. When it came time to place my IV, I warned my nurse that I have been told I can be a difficult stick and some find it easier to go through my hands instead of my arm. He grabs my arm and tells me to "let me see what I can do." He ends up going through my hand and tells me "Wow, look at that. First try. It's like I've done my job before or something." Completely rude. He also had no idea who my surgeon was and even after looking at his name continued to call him "Doctor er...the surgeon." I could still hear him and another nurse complaining about having to be there the day after Christmas and how things were so slow, and before I was even brought in for surgery, my nurse decided to end his shift early and go home and transferred my care to another nurse who not once came to check on me. When I finally came out of surgery, my dad was told he would get a call from the doctor updating him on how I did. He never got the call. I had been out of surgery for over an hour before my dad called to get an update, and nobody could find my doctor or give him the correct information and told him to just "come pick her up in a half an hour." Mind you, we live over 45 minutes away from the hospital, which was already known beforehand. We never got an update from the doctor, because he actually went home before I woke up as well as the entire surgical team. The phone numbers I received to call to reach my doctor were both incorrect and it took me over an hour to find a way to contact him to get a letter saying I could return to work, because he had forgotten to write one the day of surgery since he rushed out so quickly. I'm just very frustrated with the entire ordeal. I hope I never need to return to this hospital again. (6 months ago)

This hospital has become the worst! The nurses need to go back to school, stop bullying the patients - They said to me "If you don't do what we request, you will not receive any medical care." They also told me repeatedly that the hospital policy was to not let the patients sleep. And boy did they make my stay hell. I was told "The only people who get to sleep are people on vacation in their own homes. So if you want to sleep, I suggest you go home." I got a rash all over me, horrible headaches from lack of sleep, an infection which required antibiotics and a yeast infection from those. I went in for food poisoning and a concussion and came out in MUCH worse shape. I should have just stayed at home and saved myself from the miserable experience of Mt. Auburn Hospital. Six years ago they said I was going to die. I think I'm still alive and kicking. I have also had a surgery for a hernia in which I got a mesh implant without information on the problems with them and have suffered pain ever since. My suggestion is to shop around and read reviews. I wish I had. (2 months ago)

I have been satisfied with the hospital and staffs.I had one procedures and the care I received have been wonderful.a very positive experiences. (3 months ago)

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