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Moundview Memorial Hospital & Clinics has been meeting the healthcare needs of Adams County and the surrounding area since 1959. We offer a variety of services ...

Moundview Memorial Hospital And Clinics is one of the critical access hospitals/facilities located in Adams County, WI.

Moundview Memorial Hospital And Clinics does have an emergency room. They use electronic medical records.

Moundview Memorial Hospital And Clinics is a voluntary non-profit - private hospital.

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Monday Open 24 hours
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Wednesday Open 24 hours
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Friday Open 24 hours
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I jumped through all there hoops and stuff was taking my meds did the pee test and got a letter in the mail that said I broke there contract first of all I never signed a contract and second they refused to tell me why finally they said my levels for the pain meds were to low mind you they were told that I'm having troubles swallowing and that half the time I can't get my meds to go down I even went to the ENT doctor from UW Madison they found the issue I was having with swallowing I have to have surgery but did they care that I was not abusing my meds no this place black balled me from all pain clinics I have cancer and now I suffer because of them I can't be treated for the pain maybe I should sue them wounder how they would like that so if I were you I would stay the hell away and run like hell don't walk besides Gunderson Moundview doesn't tell you they got in trouble and lost there lic. and there hospital only has a medical transport unit lic. now. If I were you I would NOT go here they are not nice they are rude and they treat everyone as if they only are drug seeking mind you all my Test show I have a lot of health issues and need the pain meds but they treat you badly and try to make you a shamed of asking for help I thought there job was suppose to help you (in the last week)

It sucked so bad I can't express how bad. My husband (41) was laying there dying and they chose to call the cops on me because a cleaning lady told me to shut my mouth knowing nothing of situation. Very poor care at end of life but the first nurse he had Tammy was absolutely fabulous. (2 months ago)

My dying cousin is here. His wife was prescribed a medication that she ended up having to take a urine test to make sure that there was in her system which she did and then they wouldn't give it to her even after she took the urine screen. Then after she asked why not and was getting upset about it they called the cops on her. So much for Hippa cratic oath so much for treating patients family members as they mean anything. My recommendation any time you can take your loved ones to any other or yourself to any other hospital you do so because this place does not care about you or their patients. (2 months ago)

If I could give less stars I would. I have worked in end of life care for many years. Family member in a state of grief do not behave as they nomally would. My son lie there dieing and in all shuffle of everything my son's wife lost her medication to treat her chronic illness. Her doctor also at this clinic said they would help her. However when she went to the desk after waiting for hours they told her the doctor left. She became upset and they called the police to arest her while her husband is dieing and childern stood by and watched. I have never seen such treatment of a grieving family. The staff seemed to be put out by question requests and concerns from family members. They did not provide any comfort to the family. Treating a dieing family member you are also are treating the family. But not here they seemed to be put off that my son was there dieing. They were never on time with my son's comfort care. I do not think my son got adequate care or treatment pryor to his death and that his illness did not need to end in his death I do not believe that my son needed to die at the age of 41. Please travel the extra miles to get your health care treatment. (2 months ago)

I use Moundview for my GP and Wow! My Doc, she takes the time with me like I'm the most important patient. I actually went in for the flu and tuned out to be a terrible infection (which she tested for on the very first visit) and she called to make sure I got a coupon to lower the $700 in antibiotic cost to half of that! She went above and beyond. We are so lucky to have a hospital in our community. (6 months ago)

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