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TYLER, TX 75701

CHRISTUS ® Mother Frances Hospital - Tyler. Serving East Texas for more than 80 years, CHRISTUS Mother Frances Hospital - Tyler is a 402-bed acute care facility ...

Mother Frances Hospital is one of the acute care hospitals/facilities located in Smith County, TX.

Mother Frances Hospital does have an emergency room. They use electronic medical records.

Mother Frances Hospital is a voluntary non-profit - church hospital.

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Monday Open 24 hours
Tuesday Open 24 hours
Wednesday Open 24 hours
Thursday Open 24 hours
Friday Open 24 hours
Saturday Open 24 hours
Sunday Open 24 hours

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Complete and utter garbage! We got signed in at 1:45 pm just to be seen at 6 pm for a grand total of 2 minutes to tell us that it was a strained muscle, when in fact, we were told it was a hernia by our primary physician. The only reason we came in was because the pain was so unbearable he couldn't wait for the MRI appointment. They poked around and told us to go see the primary doctor..... seriously does not care about their patients, and only wants you out of their rooms. (in the last week)

If they had a zero star, that’s what I would give this place. Checked in the ER at 9:30pm, finally got admitted at 11pm, didn’t even get to leave until 3am! I am pregnant and was experiencing back pain, cramps, and light bleeding. I came in just wanting to make sure my baby was okay and didn’t get to have the relief of knowing for 6 hours. When I got admitted, there were still people waiting and when I got out, there was NO ONE left! Not even in the other rooms, they were all being cleaned! I knew it would be a bad experience when I could see nurses walking around looking down at their phones. When I was finally being checked out, the doctor came in to tell me the baby was fine and started to walk away, but I had to ask him what could be causing the back pain. That’s when he decided to mention I had the beginning stages of a kidney infection and he would be prescribing me antibiotics. What would’ve happened if I didn’t ask that question? Overall, the absolute WORST experience I’ve ever had in a hospital in my ENTIRE LIFE (a month ago)

My father in law who is 75 was admitted almost 3 weeks ago. I should have just taken him to the veterinarian. He would have gotten much more attentive care. This hospital is merely milking for all they can get while trying like hell to kill him so they can get paid sooner. Avoid this poorly trained, unmotivated, for profit only establishment at all costs. Unless you want to commit suicide that is, if that is what you want, they will be happy to ignore you while you die without lifting a finger. (in the last week)

I was in the ER a couple weeks ago because i have flare ups of gallbladder issues and the check in nurse who did my blood pressure was a horrible and rude person. I told her i was having pain in my chest and at 3 am in entense pain i didnt know the correct terminology. How was i supposed to know there is a difference between chest pain and gullbladder pain? It hurt, i was scared, and stressed out. She made me feel so stupid because i didnt know how to fraze it. She was short and rude and clearly didnt care about me or my well being. In fact, she was horrible that my complete fear in hospitals was activated and i sat in the waiting room for like 30 minutes crying and shaking because i was so anxious. I already do not trust hospitals or doctors but this lady just reaffirmed that fear and anxiety. She could see i was visably upset but not once did she care to ask if i was okay. I didnt even want to go to your hospital out of fear, but my mom recommened i go but it was a horrible experience and id rather suffer in pain than experience that horrible lady again. Actually, because of that experience, last weekend i had a flare up for almost 4 hours but suffered through it the best i could because id rather do that than go to your hospital where ill be treated like a lying idiot by the people hired to help me. Next time ill just go to hospitality er where i feel like they actually care about their patients (3 weeks ago)

I appreciate that they are doing their very best to take care of my sister. (a week ago)

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