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TYLER, TX 75701

CHRISTUS ® Mother Frances Hospital - Tyler. Serving East Texas for more than 80 years, CHRISTUS Mother Frances Hospital - Tyler is a 402-bed acute care facility ...

Mother Frances Hospital is one of the acute care hospitals/facilities located in Smith County, TX.

Mother Frances Hospital does have an emergency room. They use electronic medical records.

Mother Frances Hospital is a voluntary non-profit - church hospital.

Hospital Hours

Monday Open 24 hours
Tuesday Open 24 hours
Wednesday Open 24 hours
Thursday Open 24 hours
Friday Open 24 hours
Saturday Open 24 hours
Sunday Open 24 hours

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If they had a zero star, that’s what I would give this place. Checked in the ER at 9:30pm, finally got admitted at 11pm, didn’t even get to leave until 3am! I am pregnant and was experiencing back pain, cramps, and light bleeding. I came in just wanting to make sure my baby was okay and didn’t get to have the relief of knowing for 6 hours. When I got admitted, there were still people waiting and when I got out, there was NO ONE left! Not even in the other rooms, they were all being cleaned! I knew it would be a bad experience when I could see nurses walking around looking down at their phones. When I was finally being checked out, the doctor came in to tell me the baby was fine and started to walk away, but I had to ask him what could be causing the back pain. That’s when he decided to mention I had the beginning stages of a kidney infection and he would be prescribing me antibiotics. What would’ve happened if I didn’t ask that question? Overall, the absolute WORST experience I’ve ever had in a hospital in my ENTIRE LIFE (in the last week)

Very friendly and professional staff, my wife had her surgery here recently and we were very impressed with the entire experience, from the staff to the facility itself, which has a very warm almost homey interior design in the main areas which made us feel more we were in a hotel rather than a hospital. (a month ago)

Worst experience of my life. My mother was very sick and nurse took 3 calls and 30 minutes to get to room. She was left in urine for hours. (a week ago)

My father was on the 4th floor Dawson Tower. One of the Nurses was unfriendly. My parents joking around with each other about borrowing a car to go home. She offended about thier conversation..make long story short. Left my dad with is amputated wound opened and uncared for over an hour. My mom had to ask another nurse for the things need to clean wound and wrap herself.Instead security was called coming in asking if someone going to try and steal a car. The charge nurse and supervisor was called. No apologies was made...Instead " We are treating you the same as everyone else." Really each time people make jokes security is called for. My dad just wanted go home and making jokes because they had to wait on me to finish my appointments with my kids before I could pick them up. (2 months ago)

My son was on a tee ball team with a nurse Kevin Hanley RN of the flight nurse crew. My disabled son had a whelp on his back from Hanley hitting him , my son cried as it hurt badly... a " "hand print " pattern whelp according to police report !!! My son had a hyperactivity condition. The parent, hanley of another player decided he knew what my son needs. It was my son's word against this 7 ft tall man. Sorry Lindale police let it go although their own officer wrote "hand print " in the report. The coach sided with Hanley staying my son couldn't pay attention well. Umm it's his disabilty...beatings don't help. The man is an employee at TMF. My son never wavered on what happened to him or who did it. My son left the team and Hanleys son took my son's 3rd base position. We moved out the rural town, back to Dallas where justice matters to police and disabled kids aren't abused by rogue nurses. (a month ago)

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