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Morton Plant North Bay Hospital is one of the acute care hospitals/facilities located in Pasco County, FL.

Morton Plant North Bay Hospital does have an emergency room. They use electronic medical records.

Morton Plant North Bay Hospital is a voluntary non-profit - private hospital.

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Monday Open 24 hours
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Sunday Open 24 hours

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So went to the ER twice to try and figure out what’s wrong with me 6/13 and 6/15 NORTH BAY HOSPITAL, New Port Richey, FL I had a fever, migraine, body aches and chills, persistent cough with sputum, and sore throat. First visit they swabbed me for strep and flu, said that there were a bunch of false negatives and that I just need to keep up on my fluids and try to rest as much a possible. Two days later I woke up and had a huge white pus filled looking area on my right tonsil and white spots in the back of my throat. I go back to the ER. They then swab for a second time to check for strep and took blood to check for mono. Once again, the tests came back negative. Doctor comes in and proceeds to tell me there is NOTHING THEY CAN DO FOR ME and couldn’t even give me antibiotics. They said just to gargle warm salt water. I feel that the north bay brushed me off and wasn’t really too concerned with what is going on with me. I repeatedly told them I have a six month old baby and DO NOT want to get her sick. The Rn told me it looked like tonsil stones and I should try to remove them on my own with a q-tip. 6/15 10 pm at night i decided to go to trinity hospital for a third opinion. Immediately I was told I had strep throat and they were so surprised and even concerned that north bay did nothing to help me. Trinity gave me IV fluids, IV antibiotics, did a CT of my throat and made sure I was okay. At the end of my ER visit at trinity I was diagnosed with STREP THROAT AND PHARYNGITIS. I am completely appalled by the care I received from north bay and if I could rate ZERO stars I would. I believe all they want is money and will push you off until things get really bad. The most horrible hospital I have ever been too. Do not go to north bay. If I could post pictures of what my throat looked like when I went to north bay and before I went to trinity, you would be just as upset and angry as I am. After receiver great care from trinity hospital I have already seen great improvement. (a month ago)

I was very happy with my care. Had an outpatient TEE done. Nurses were all great. The two ladies in ENDO were wonderful. I was so nervous. And of course the Dr was late. We talked about all kinds of things. By the time the Dr got there I was laughing and ready to take a little nap. Well done and Thank You. (a week ago)

As I wait for information on my mother. 30 minutes so far and I've been told to just wait. I watched the staff " respond " to an emergency. I watched several staff run around called for a stretcher 4 times, didn't know were gloves were. It be comical if a person's life wasn't at stake. Still no word on mom. Got the 1 star for a clean waiting room. (a month ago)

I visited North Bay today to see a friend who is currently in an unresponsive condition in the ICU. From the moment I entered the hospital I was greeted and shown compassion, kindness and wonderful service. I was so happy that each person who entered the room greeted not just me but also my friend by name, even though she was unresponsive. Even the nurse who came to check her blood sugar apologized to her for having to stick her finger. I was very upset when I arrived and asked to speak with a chaplain. Tamara arrived shortly and stayed with me for a time and then walked with me back to the room. She was very compassionate and had been coming daily to pray with Martha. Overall, my experience at North Bay was excellent even though I was there for an extremely sad reason. Thank you for caring for my friend, Martha and for also showing love and care to me. God Bless Maureen Thomson (4 months ago)

I rather die before stepping in this place again. Rude nurses, looking at my and my husband like we had 3 heads and just find out each doctor and charge you individually of the hospital and each other making my insurance not want to cover for 4 stitches, I already paid $1200 and now they want $960 more for some "Doctor" (more like rip-off) I don't even remember seeing. (in the last week)

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