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Bastrop, Louisiana, March 24, 2017 - Stroke patients at Morehouse General Hospital now have immediate access to highly specialized neurologists as the result of a ...

Morehouse General Hospital is one of the acute care hospitals/facilities located in Morehouse County, LA.

Morehouse General Hospital does have an emergency room. They use electronic medical records.

Morehouse General Hospital is a government - hospital district or authority hospital.

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Staff is very rude, disrespectful of patients,and family. This is truly a "triage" hospital. Their focus does not appear to be trying to save a life in the emergency room. I will take my chances on surviving or not, take me to Monroe, because chances are if you stop by there, you will anyway (3 weeks ago)

I would like to give this hospital 0 stars! Very rude and cold upon arriving until I called them out on their rudeness. Upon leaving I was told I couldn’t leave the way I came in, 2am and by myself. I was harrassed by two punk men outside of the Emergency room. Had the lady just let me go through the door I came in I wouldn’t have walked outside all the way around the hospital and have been harrassed by these two men. Very scary!! Hospital needs a huge overhaul in how to treat people professionally and politely! (2 weeks ago)

Not sure who my nurse is old frat awnery lady who has checked I me Zero or my pain. A new doctor here great older and a real smart ass. He's good at something. Hurting worse now than arrival. Think I got a shot of sugar water nurse still hasn't checked to see if it sweetened up my but cheeks. Literally had to ask nurse to stop..... long story if your in pain go somewhere else. This place is a true true Joke Doctor's And SO CALLED NURSES. GO TO MONROE JACKSON ANYWHERE EXCEPT THIS HORSEPITAL... YOU WILL WASTE TIME AND LEAVE HURTING MORE THAN YOU CAME AND NOT TO MENTION GET TALKED DOWN TO. BEFORE THIS ACCIDENT I'VE HAD 3 SURGERIES AND THIS DOCTOR DON'T OR CAN'T TELL. NEVER VERIFIED MY NAME DATE OF BIRTH NOTTA!!!! THE WORST HOSPITAL WORST OLD GRAY HAIRED NURSE AND A DOCTOR WHO GOT HIS JOB BECAUSE THEY MUST DON'T CHECK CREDENTIALS. ALSO TALKS DOWN TO YOU TREATS YOU WITH LITTLE WELL NO RESPECT. ALSO LEAVING IN WORST PAIN THAN I ARRIVED. HOSPITAL SHOULD BE ASHAMED AS WELL AS HATHAWAY HE'S ABOUT LIKE BOX OF ROCKS Also no Armband nurse hung up on me once i told her. Left in more pain. Called to question this hung up on.... by the nurse. I'll will continue thid further. You don't hang up on someone in pain 2-22-2018 went I after a fall blood all I garbage can i have pics of and doctor thought she was pretty and better than rest of us and offered me a dose of tylenol. They were saying if state came in week before would have been shut down. Cam someone explain to these cracker jack doctors BLOOD IS CONTAMINATED! (3 months ago)

They are very nasty and very rude and work really slow. I just posted pictures of blood on my door poop on the walls and mysterious stains on the walls it is the worst and most gross experience I've ever had at a hospital I wouldn't even come here if I was dying (2 months ago)

Like the worst experience of my life (2 months ago)

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