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Montgomery General Hospital, Inc is one of the critical access hospitals/facilities located in Fayette County, WV.

Montgomery General Hospital, Inc does have an emergency room. They use electronic medical records.

Montgomery General Hospital, Inc is a voluntary non-profit - private hospital.

Hospital Hours

Monday Open 24 hours
Tuesday Open 24 hours
Wednesday Open 24 hours
Thursday Open 24 hours
Friday Open 24 hours
Saturday Open 24 hours
Sunday Open 24 hours

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Medical care has always been Professional yet kind and caring. Great staff and good facility. (2 months ago)

I am watching my SO's Father rapidly deteriorate at this location. He needs a Nasogastric intubation tube but instead is refusing to eat because he is afraid he will aspirate. His bipap was set wrong and making his blood gas levels even more unacceptable. On the weekend, there were no nurses to be found without begging them to help. The doctor in charge of your Pulmonology dept. is impossible to reach. I am already researching the best med mal lawyers for them to use. 3/30 No call back to the Patient's son after we called the number for Patient Advocate. The Pulmonologist stopped caring for the patient and instead kept pestering my SO's Mother to send SO's dad to hospice. Now he stopped caring for SO's Dad and turned over care to an internal medicine guy midstream. Someone without any Pulm experience. WTH? While he's still at your TERRIBLE Olney location he has been given benzos that COPD patients SHOULD NOT receive since they lower his breathing rate. And now it appears that you are allowing life sustaining care to be withdrawn based on the desires of the spouse, NOT the patient himself. Clever, give bad care, drug patient and convince spouse hospice is the only answer. Disgraceful. (a month ago)

This hospital is a hit or miss. I’ve been coming here at least 1-2 times a yr for the past 3-4yrs. My grandma is in her 80s and this is the nearest hospital. I think they need to have a better hiring process. These nurses, techs, charge, etc don’t wanna do THEIR JOB. If it is not in your heart to help the sick then why did you apply for this position? I have come across some nurses who actually care but there are more nurses who don’t care than do care. (4 months ago)

The parking is ok but the worst part is waiting for a visitor sticker. The older ladies at the desk are super slow and a bit gruff. The nurses were ok but I claim negligence on the doctors. They allowed my mother who has leukemia to discharge herself from the hospital several times with pneumonia. This last time the ambulance brought my mother in we had to scream lawsuit so they would force her to stay. After a month of inhouse treatments they were still unable to find the cause. At one point they lost one of her tests and it had to be retaken which was a very painful procedure. Unfortunately this last discharge was THE last time we have to go back there as mother had been discharged to hospice care. (a month ago)

The staff here is horrible the so called crisis staff I'm in the er has NO knowledge or education on how to help treat mental illness...they are pathetic...they didn't even admit me to their 6th floor they sent me to Adventist behavioral health and put my life in more danger..i have stopped reaching out for mental health treatment because of my experience at medstar Montgomery I have decided to stop trying to live...thanks medstar Montgomery you all sucked any hope of me getting better right out and I'll never be the all suck (2 months ago)

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