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Trust Monroe Hospital for all your primary healthcare needs. Our experienced staff is dedicated to your health and wellness.

Monroe Hospital is one of the acute care hospitals/facilities located in Monroe County, IN.

Monroe Hospital does have an emergency room. They do not use electronic medical records.

Monroe Hospital is a proprietary hospital.

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The nurses were great..the doctor on the other hand Marchino had no personality what so ever...he couldn't be bothered to come back into see me to advise me on my condition or what the test results were. I won't be going back here! (a month ago)

Kind, concerned staff. Excellent care. Fantastic dining room and cafeteria. (in the last week)

Went there with my gf for pain in her belly doc came in with an attitude then pointed a clip board in her face and neededless to say after a few Choice words her and I was kicked out. Don't go here it's a joke (a month ago)

If Dr. Bierlie is working you might as well turn around and go home. Most unqualified doctor I’ve ever seen there. He doesn’t care about any of his patients or what their problem really is. He wants them out so the next person can come in. There’s also a nurse who is an older lady that probably doesn’t need to be working there. She’s rude, talks down to you, won’t answer your questions, and is very judgmental. Monroe Hospital started off well. Whatever company is in charge of it has ran it into the ground. They hire the cheapest drs they can find, I’m beginning to wonder if some drs there are even qualified to be a dr (3 months ago)

Congratulations, Monroe Hospital! You have effectively ruined my faith in your organization. I, at one time, felt you could be a nice alternative to an overly crowded IU Health, however, after the treatment, or lack there of, that my mother received today....I will never recommend your hospital to anyone. My mother was diagnosed with Type A Flu at urgent care and was instructed to go to the ED immediately if her symptoms persisted or worsened. She was compliant and I took her to Monroe ED. We were met by a nurse who spoke down to us and acted as if we were ignorant (my mother is a nurse) and a provider, Dr. Baker, who treated her as nothing more than a drug seeker. No imaging, no labs, no medications. She was told that the provider at urgent care gave her wrong information and that she needed to “tough it out” a few more days. No compassion, no conversation. Just a cold provider and a degrading nurse. I couldn’t be more disappointed in this ED. It’s unfortunate, as I was hoping there would be a successful and qualified competitor for IU. (6 months ago)

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