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Trust Monroe Hospital for all your primary healthcare needs. Our experienced staff is dedicated to your health and wellness.

Monroe Hospital is one of the acute care hospitals/facilities located in Monroe County, IN.

Monroe Hospital does have an emergency room. They do not use electronic medical records.

Monroe Hospital is a proprietary hospital.

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If Dr. Bierlie is working you might as well turn around and go home. Most unqualified doctor I’ve ever seen there. He doesn’t care about any of his patients or what their problem really is. He wants them out so the next person can come in. There’s also a nurse who is an older lady that probably doesn’t need to be working there. She’s rude, talks down to you, won’t answer your questions, and is very judgmental. Monroe Hospital started off well. Whatever company is in charge of it has ran it into the ground. They hire the cheapest drs they can find, I’m beginning to wonder if some drs there are even qualified to be a dr (a month ago)

Well first of all the CT scan lady is extremely disrespectful and rude. The doctors and nurses are also rude. If you need a CT scan this is definitely not the place to go. (2 months ago)

Congratulations, Monroe Hospital! You have effectively ruined my faith in your organization. I, at one time, felt you could be a nice alternative to an overly crowded IU Health, however, after the treatment, or lack there of, that my mother received today....I will never recommend your hospital to anyone. My mother was diagnosed with Type A Flu at urgent care and was instructed to go to the ED immediately if her symptoms persisted or worsened. She was compliant and I took her to Monroe ED. We were met by a nurse who spoke down to us and acted as if we were ignorant (my mother is a nurse) and a provider, Dr. Baker, who treated her as nothing more than a drug seeker. No imaging, no labs, no medications. She was told that the provider at urgent care gave her wrong information and that she needed to “tough it out” a few more days. No compassion, no conversation. Just a cold provider and a degrading nurse. I couldn’t be more disappointed in this ED. It’s unfortunate, as I was hoping there would be a successful and qualified competitor for IU. (4 months ago)

Me and my boyfriend came in because we believe he has Staph, they didn't even look at him hardly, no test, nothing.. prescribed him something.. but here's the even better part he had a blood pressure of 177/95 which is hypertension stage 2 and if it went up any more was a crisis. Let him go, 20 mins later he had chest pains and a headache. Fastest place, but worst nurses and doctors!!! Never again will we be back. I also am pregnant and I told them we needed to know if it was staph because I had been in contact with the area, doctor proceeded to say you don't need to worry about that.. when staph is spread through contact. (8 months ago)

My husband almost severed his finger off with an angle grinder. I was not with him when he arrived but a friend of ours luckily was able to take him in to the ER. Upon arrival, my husband's BP was 177/165 and HR was 175. They had him sitting in the bed with his hand in a solution when I got there with no machines hooked up to monitor his dangerously high BP and HR. The nurses were "hanging out" at the nurse's station because there was only 2 patients there at the time. They refused to treat him for shock (he was shaking uncontrollably and looked awful) so I had to ask for a blanket and try to control it myself and they had done an x-ray with the result that he was fine. No stitches, no antibiotics, and sent him out the door. Twenty four hours later, while changing the bandages per Dr's orders, his finger looked like ground up hamburger. He went to Med Express today to find out that the skin on his finger was dead. The Dr there had to reopen the wound and cut off the dead skin. In doing so, he found shrapnel and metal shavings from the grinder wheel still in my husbands finger and had to pick/flush it out! You would have thought this would have been caught by the radiologist when he had his x-ray done. He was sent home with antibiotics and pain medication. The Dr stated it was very likely that the lack of care provided at Monroe hospital was a direct cause of the condition that his finger is currently in. This is not the first bad experience we have had there with various conditions/family members. We only live 1.5 miles from Monroe hospital and their wait times are quick but I would much prefer to drive further and spend hours at Bloomington hospital and get better care than spend 1 minute in this piss poor excuse for a hospital ever again. My family's health is way more important than my time spent waiting. (5 months ago)

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