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Monroe Community Hospital is one of the acute care hospitals/facilities located in Monroe County, NY.

Monroe Community Hospital does not have an emergency room. They do not use electronic medical records.

Monroe Community Hospital is a government - state hospital.

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Monday Open 24 hours
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This building built in the early part of the 1900's is a skilled nursing facility with rehab. It used to a house a nurses retirement home on the back side towards the canal. It has been used for many indigent citizens and some are buried on the property. The ornate design of architecture are seen on the outside (look up for gargoyles) and beautiful inside. It has been renovated several times. The grounds and building are in excellent condition. The care I have witnessed has ranged from deplorable to excellent. I don't know why. I have also heard many reports that the building is haunted. The county medical examiner's office used to be located in the building as well. (a month ago)

My father was in the rehab unit for over 2 months. He thought the food was very good, especially the soups. His therapists were excellent - they pushed him to recover as much as possible and worked on things he'd need to go back home and be independent again. The staff was excellent. He had a single room, everything was very clean. They had a lot of activities for the residents - bands, fireworks, music, etc - that they could participate in if they wanted to. Excellent care! (a year ago)

Horrendous! (a month ago)

We live in a time when people often will gripe about what's not working, yet seldom offer praise and thanks for the things that are. That brings me to my review of Monroe Community Hospital. My Mom is a resident at MCH and the level of care she is provided is nothing short of amazing. The facilities are clean, safe, well lit, secure and warm. The staff at MCH is the "best band of angels" I've ever experienced in my life. The staff extends so much in the way of love, care, compassion, dignity, respect, understanding, spirituality, nutrition, exercise and activities. Meals are well planned and timely. They truly dot every I and cross every T. MCH restores my faith in the health care system. Not only does MCH care about its residents, they also incorporate their families as part of their regimen for good health and comfort. Because of the amazing staff and facilities at MCH, I understand that my Mom is in great hands and that she is safe, secure and comfortable and they will tend to her every need with aplomb. In the time we've been there, I've come to appreciate so many of their staff as family, because that's what they've become. At MCH, it's more than just a job for them. These are people who answered a calling and truly love what they do. They love making a difference in a residents' day. No matter when I show up or call they are consistently caring and humane. Because of who they are and how they are I'm certain that our family must be living right to have made our way to this most humane and incredible facility. It is my hope to the public reading this that you're not faced with having to place your loved one in a nursing home, however should that be necessary know that MCH is well worth every possible consideration. (2 years ago)

(a month ago)

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