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Integrated health system including Mon General Hospital, emergency facilities, continuing care, medical imaging, and a retirement village.

Monongalia County General Hospital is one of the acute care hospitals/facilities located in Monongalia County, WV.

Monongalia County General Hospital does have an emergency room. They use electronic medical records.

Monongalia County General Hospital is a voluntary non-profit - private hospital.

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Monday Open 24 hours
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Friday Open 24 hours
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Sunday Open 24 hours

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I just want to thank Lauren (blond) from radiology she really helped me so much today and I wish I could’ve thanked her before I left. I know I can be hard to deal with at times but never not once did she get rude, impatient, nothing. She stayed calm even when I had a panic attack and I’m really grateful for this woman. I really wish all nurses were like her. I’ve never met such a nice nurse, especially when I’m in a panic, she stayed calm the entire time and did not rush me for anything!!! I 10000% appreciate this woman. I wish I could have told her. Thanks so much again Lauren!! (3 months ago)

If it weren’t for the fact that I love my OBGYN I would never step foot in this awful hospital again. I went here to have my baby and thanks to someone’s incompetence I got falsely accused of being on drugs. Some one mixed up a sample apparently. They brought a social worker into my room and repeatedly asked me if I was on drugs despite the fact that I kept answering no. They said things like “tell us now and we can help you, but if you keep lying it will be worse.” They talked about sending me home at 48 hours but keeping my baby for a week. Without me. They said they would call CPS. They terrified me and treated me like a criminal. They said there was no way the test could be falsely positive. I had to insist on a retest. Let me clarify that I had been up for 26 hours when they came in my room and did this. I’d gone through 17 hours of labor and then trying to learn to breastfeed my infant. After that I spent the next 12 hours holding my baby and crying all day. I couldn’t sleep despite the fact that I’d been up so long. I was terrified. That was my baby’s first 24 hours on this planet. About 9pm that night after an awful day a nurse I didn’t even know poked her head in the door and says “your drug test came back negative.” Then she left. That was all I got. Around 11pm it had been 42 hours since I’d slept thanks to the terror they put me through. I was hysterical and saying that now that they knew I wasn’t on drugs they couldn’t stop me from leaving with her. My husband talked me down and called the nurse in and asked her to watch the baby so I could sleep. The nurse had the baby for 3 hours. No one apologized to me. No one explained how the mix up happened or if they were even investigating the mishap. I had to call the complaint department to get any kind of recognition of the problem. The next day my wonderful OBGYN Dr. Latif came in and no one had even informed him or consulted with him on the manner. He was shocked to find out they’d accused me of course. Now it’s been about 2 months and I’m still getting bills in the mail. I thought the laboratory charges seemed high so I called and asked for a more itemized bill to insure that I wasn’t getting charged for all the extra lab tests they ran thanks to their own incompetence. I never received the itemized bill. Also they charged me a “nursery” charge. They don’t even have a nursery. I guess that was for the 3 hours the nurse had my baby. Despite the fact that the only reason I needed some one to watch my baby was because I missed my chance to nap during the day because I was afraid to let go of my child. My experience of the birth of my first child was completely tainted by this awful hospital. They treated me horribly after that test came back wrong. I understand that test are usually more honest than people but it doesn’t justify the treatment I received. Even if I was guilty of taking drugs while pregnant (which obviously I was not), I would have deserved to be treated better even then. You don’t know real fear till someone is talking about taking your child from you. And when you can’t even figure out why and you know you are innocent it’s even worse. I wouldn’t wish it on anyone. Not even the hospital staff that put me through it. (a month ago)

This facility treated my son since he goes to WVU, they charged him an insane amount of money for the small services provided.. A 21 yr old college student who was harrassed about payment after he wanted an itemized list that would explain the charges which he never got.. He paid off the charges of over $1000 and is STILL getting billed.. Shame on them.. This is a follow up on my original review that was posted.. It is now 2 months later and I think this issue is finally resolved, again, shame on this facility for billing for services that my son never got or needed.. On top of that, billing for a couple of other services that were not on the original bill.. Never again would my son go to this hospital, they are very deceitful and unorganized in their billing practices.. Shame on you Mon General.. (3 months ago)

Had the 1st newyears baby in Morgantown here. Very friendly, and overall great care. (6 months ago)

Haven't been to this hospital in 10 years. Will not be back. Saw doctor in ER for 1minute total. The whole 2-3 hours I was there. Left and went to my family Dr who diagnosed me with something totally different with completely different medications. (a year ago)

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