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Monongahela Valley Hospital is a community hospital in western Pennsylvania ranked #1 in patient satisfaction specializing in Cardiac Catheterization, Diabetes and ...

Monongahela Valley Hospital is one of the acute care hospitals/facilities located in Washington County, PA.

Monongahela Valley Hospital does have an emergency room. They use electronic medical records.

Monongahela Valley Hospital is a voluntary non-profit - private hospital.

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They offer the best care available and the cancer center has a cutting edge radiation machine that is the best in the tri-state area. The nurses and other staff are always very compassionate and genuine. If admitted the food is also amazing for hospital food. I would never go anywhere else. It is a shame people overlook this lil gem we have right in our backyard. I will say Er visits not always the best. The one Dr thinks everyone is a drug seeker. Sent my husband home and said was just inflammation and to take Aleve. Husband fell and was back in the Er 2 days later diagnosed with stage 4 cancer. His pain was a completely destroyed pelvic bone from a 5 cm mass. Can't judge this hospital based on one bad doctor, and if we didn't have an opioid epidemic things would be so different. People will do or say anything to get drugs so it makes it hard for people who really need pain meds to get the help they need. (in the last week)

Took my boyfriends mother in today due to pain and not being able to feel her fingers after having Elbow surgery yesterday. The staff was very DISRESPECTFUL and RUDE! They laughed at her, made snarky remarks, and kept smirking the entire time. I sat in the room with her until other family members showed. A very rude attendant tried kicking her husband out because they have a policy of only two in the room with the patient. We weren't told this when they sent us ALL back to the room. You'd think someone could count us three and let us know only two allowed. They did NOT! She threatened to call security because he wouldn't leave, so I left instead. They really need to train their staff A LOT more or need to hire new staff members in general. Will NOT be returning with any family members. (3 months ago)

I have only been treated with the utmost kindness at Monongahela Valley hospital. I have used this hospital many times. Each time everyone has been kind and respectful. (2 months ago)

If I want to die this is the hospital that would do the best job for that. Went here to get a cat scan.. it took from 9:30 pm until 2:30am (5 hours!!!!!). This should have taken max until 11:30. No sense of urgency at all. Kind of defeats the purpose of EMERGENCY room. Also extremely rude staff from the moment we walked in and got attitude from the fat secretary with a mole the size of Jupiter on her face. The Asian doctor is rude as well, won’t let you get a word in/doesn’t listen. This place is only semi-okay if you’re dying. (4 months ago)

Just tried to hand carry a sample to the lab from my doctor to speed the process. (Not a drug test) Would'nt tell me where lab was and that I had to register before anything. (Meaning they could generate a bill) Told them again just a drop off but same answer. They are going to force me to use different doctors that aren't affiliated with this hospital. A little more attention to patient needs instead of the money.(All my information was attached to the sample). Got a 1 because there is no 0 (7 months ago)

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