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Monmouth Medical Center, located in Long Branch,is one of New Jersey's largest community teaching hospitals.

Monmouth Medical Center is one of the acute care hospitals/facilities located in Monmouth County, NJ.

Monmouth Medical Center does have an emergency room. They use electronic medical records.

Monmouth Medical Center is a voluntary non-profit - private hospital.

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I underwent a emergency bowel resection after an acute double bowel obstruction while visiting in NJ. I would first like to say that my rating is representative of my surgical team, anesthesia, and bedside care. i was on 6G and the nurses and techs were unbelievable caring and really knew their job. As pleasant as this surgery could possibly be, I could not have been more satisfied. HOWEVER I cannot say the same about the ER, the ER techs or the doctors. It was in fact the worst ER experience i have ever had in my 61 years, 6 children and 6 grandchildren. The staff was lazy and rude, and did not recognize the seriousness and possibilities of this acute onset of excruciating pain that i was in. I arrived around 10 PM on a Sunday night with only 3 obvious patients in the ward. I did not see a doctor for hours and had to beg for some attention for something to be done. My pain was not passive, it was abrupt and intolerable and it was obvious something serious was occurring. My doctor said had it been much longer i would have ended up in ICU on a vent. I was in the ER for hours before they realized the seriousness and called the surgical team. I would NEVER recommend this ER to anyone. MMC you need to train your ER staff, they need to be able to recognize the difference between a passive ER visit and a serious visit (other than a heart attack) and learn to triage. They need an attitude adjustment as well. And the techs were horrific. Great Hospital experience, near death in the ER (a month ago)

I had to do a couple of procedures here. Most people I met were pleasant, although not at all efficient. Had to wait quite a bit everywhere, with tons of paper work, but by now I am used to that at hospitals. They did try to charge me twice for one of the procedures but I caught it in time. It took 3 people 5 tries to finally get the IV in, that’s a bit too much, right? Now I got so many bruises on my arm I have to wear long sleeves. Hopefully I do not have to come here often. (2 months ago)

Monmouth medical center billed over $1000 to our insurance for a Rhogam shot. It costs $130 without insurance. We already paid $200 toward this bill, but insurance wouldn't cover the rest. So now they've billed the "discounted" remainder of $400 to us and put us in collections. Did I mention that Rhogam is a $130 shot? Criminal. (in the last week)

A simple observation, the hospital staff has addressed almost everyone's issue here , except mine, that by itself should tell you something is wrong with the hospitals policy's. And the issues date back to 2016,one might think that would be enough time to look at the claims. Apparently not. Something is rotten in Denmark, and Monmouth medical center. You be the Judge. This is why the costs of medical insurance is out of control. Monmouth Medical Center goes out of their way to create billing to generate cash flow. They will bring you in just to create bills that you and your insurance company will be held responsible for. And then you will be harassed by collection company's that will threaten your credit ratings. Again , YOU BE THE JUDGE. Security guards(cretins the lot of them) are very nasty and unprofessional. it's a shame, If you need this place you may be in for a rude awakening. I had to use the emergency room services. The medical staff that I dealt with were kind,except for the one male staff who said he was just doing his job(making life just a little more unbearable for me) It's a shame that the security staff is so out of control(no accountability). LOOK AT THE REVIEWS, be afraid. How is this place still up and running? I only had the use of one leg,but that didn't stop them from trying to bully me while I was in a wheelchair. As of this review the "hospital" has a lofty 2.9 rating, and that is because people wanted nothing more to do with them, or are no longer with the living, and can't post a review. I talked to the patients advocate and SHE said SHE would check It out(sweep it under the carpet). I hope some of you people read this and refuse to support such an abusive facility, you may be saving a loved ones life or even your own. By the way, the Long Branch police were very unhelpful, the female officer used vulgar and profane language and even threatened to arrest me. This all happened on Halloween night about 3am in the morning of 2016. 2.9 rating and getting worse. places like this should be investigated and then shut down. Time to update , the screener from this dung pit came to my house on December 23 2017 and told the long branch police that I was suicidal so that Jessenia Rivera could gain entrance and steal a computer she DONATED to me. The psychiatrist Dr Geller found me to be competent and released me that morning. Upon arrival at my home I found the computer gone. I called the long branch police and filed a theft report that morning. The long branch police could say they were just following protocol up to the point they allowed property to be removed from my apartment. This hospital is using any means possible to drum up business. This hospital must be avoided at all costs. UPDATE:on March 4th 2018 Gregory School Apartments had to take another bite from the apple. They called the police and a screener to take me to Monmouth Medical Center yet again. In the morning a psychiatrist named Chris Fabian appeared, asked me why I was there? I told him I thought it was some kind of disagreement with Gregory School Apartments, he then said if he saw me there one more time he would “ make sure I was hospitalized “. I believe that’s wittiness intimidation, and that is a felony. Jessenias mother is the administrator for Gregory School Apartments and her daughter and the long Branch Police on December 23 2017 came to my apartment with the excuse that I was suicidal so I could be taken to Monmouth Medical Center to be screened. And while I was being taken,a computer with evidence was removed from my apartment. I filed a report with the long branch police the next day after my release. Making me a witness in what could be a felony ( tampering with evidence). Witnesses intimidation is a felony. I am now turning to the attorney generals office to seek resolution and restitution in these matters. (a week ago)

The staff always got some type of attitudes , rude to me and my 3 year old. I'm not coming here anymore added Over a 3 hour wait to get into a room for a baby with 104.5 fever and and vomiting , who was just here 1 day previous then in the room for over a hour+ still not seen by a doctor , Disgraceful . I understand busy but this is ridiculous. Never been treated so terrible before. (2 months ago)

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