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Monadnock Community Hospital is an acute care hospital located in Peterborough, NH, offering comprehensive inpatient & outpatient services.

Monadnock Community Hospital is one of the critical access hospitals/facilities located in Hillsborough County, NH.

Monadnock Community Hospital does have an emergency room. They use electronic medical records.

Monadnock Community Hospital is a voluntary non-profit - private hospital.

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In the past few weeks I have sought medical care at Monadnock Community Hospital with various doctors and departments. I have been treated very well, with consideration, caring and efficiency. The staff went beyond to make sure I was well attended to with each test and appointment. We are so very lucky to have such a facility here in our own back yard. (a week ago)

I had a very positive experience. I was well cared for and well taken care of. My only complaint was the wait time to see an actual doctor. I was taken in and shown to a room fairly quickly, but it was a while after that before I saw a doctor. I was attended to by nurses somewhat quickly, but it was quite a while after the nurses saw me before a doctor saw me. Nurse was extremely attentive, and doctor very good. Overall I would recommend this hospital. (2 months ago)

This hospital is VERY disappointing. You let known drug addicts walk out with new borns, living out of a truck in February. You people should've called dcf on the spot. Then maybe you would've known that she has an INCREDIBLY lengthy rap sheet in Ma that invludes her mentallyand physically abused her first 3 kids WITH alligations of sexual abuse BEFORE abandoning all 3 and skipping to New Hampshire. Good work guys.. smfh (3 months ago)

This was the worst experience I have had at a hospital. I went there in hope for help with a serious abnormal bruising problem and after joking at the fact something is wrong with me, telling me something is wrong wrong with me, and insulting me they released me with no treatment plan or any type of help. I came in with pain and I left with pain. It was an experience I recommend to no one so if you have an emergency drive the extra mile because it isn't worth your time unless your trying to have it wasted. (5 months ago)

Very disgusted that this is the hospital we have in our community. Billing people are rude! No need to get nasty with me when your robo phone that I pressed option 6 for physician billing sent me to hospital billing which is option 1. You are not treated like a person here but just a # in line. Doctors do not listen to your concerns or take them seriously. We much prefer to go to Convenient MD and see our Naturopath Sarah Featherstone for everything! (6 months ago)

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