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MOBILE, AL 36652

Find High-Quality Care and Renowned Medical Centers at our Mobile, AL Hospital. Infirmary Health grew from the original Mobile Infirmary, founded in 1910, to become ...

Mobile Infirmary Medical Center is one of the acute care hospitals/facilities located in Mobile County, AL.

Mobile Infirmary Medical Center does have an emergency room. They use electronic medical records.

Mobile Infirmary Medical Center is a voluntary non-profit - private hospital.

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My grown son went there last night with wife and family in severe pain. Diagnosed lodged kidney stone. He was put on meds, pain, anti- biotics and fluids. Several hrs later admitted assigned a room upstairs. This morning @ 8am he is still laying in emergency room where he has been out of meds for over two hrs. Something bad going on here. New management needed. He has good insurance and will be billed fully for this careless medical care. (2 weeks ago)

The worst Hospital expierence I have ever experienced in my life. My Girlfriend and I arrived 06/28/2018 @ about 315-330pm. She was complaining of stomac pains and hip pains. ER took her right back, and I spent four hours with her in ER. No problems with the ER. They game her Morphine for her pain, and treated her well in the ER. Then took her to room 4116 on the forth floor. Chrystal was her nurse along with some others. It was a nightmare, the attitudes were arrogant, with no Bed side manner at all. I watched The Love of my Life slip farther and farther away while all they did on the Forth floor was ck her vitals, and admister meds. Thats it. I told them she wasnt eating, that she had no bowel movement in three days. Nothing was done, ad if it fell on deph ears. Monday 07/03/18 I was with her as they were attempting to read her Blood Pressure. 105/69 on one arm. 115/56 on the other. The explanation was, ill just check it later...mind you this was 710 pm. 720 thay called a code blue on my Girl friend. For 30 minutes thay did CPR. She lasted 36 hours more. I am now makeing funeral ariangements over this Hospitals negulance, and unsempthical, unemotional responce from the staff in general. Her family and I were waiting in CCU waiting room and I asked for three blankets, only to be told that she would have to speak with a manager first to see. The gull!! My girl friend walked in under her own power, and now I will be laying her to rest next week. IF YOU WANT TO LIVE, DONT COME HERE! Thank you for reading. Distraught (2 weeks ago)

My sister was admitted to NICU 11 days ago. There was two nurses that went above and beyond for her. Kim (Kimberley) and Jason. They treated her with love and care. If we needed answers they got them within matter of minutes. If she needed something, no questions asked they did what they had to do to get it. My sister has been in and out of hospitals all over because of her health. These two nurses are the best I have ever came across. I wish more nurses put their hearts in it like these two do. I cant explain how grateful we are of them. She had surgery yesterday and she was moved to the 5th floor. There we came across a nurse named Ashley. Another outstanding nurse. She was the night shift for last night. The day shift nurse did NOT communicate the way she should have so my mother had to call the hospital last night because my sister was in so much pain and Ashley didn't have a clue what was going on. After my mother explained it she was on top of her game. And for that we are thankful. If your heart isn't in it please find another occupation. People come to the hospital to get help. Not to get ignored. I do want to thank Kim, Jason, and Ashley for everything yall have done and are doing for my sister. May God bless each of you. We can't tell you enough have blessed we are to have had yall as her nurses. (a month ago)

My sister was admitted here, and her nurses on the 4th floor were so very rude and uncaring...even going so far as to tell her that when they saw her name on their list they were going to have a headache again that night. The whole reason why people are in hospitals is that they are sick and in need of care, and if you have a problem with dealing with sick people in pain, then WHY did you become a nurse in the first place??? Also, the docs discharge her without her issues being resolved, and she was also severely dehydrated, and her blood pressure was through the roof. Left there, and immediately went to USAMC's ER where they were appalled by my sister being discharged in such a state. If you care about yourself or your loved one, you will not go to Mobile Infirmary for any sort of help, for they certainly do not care. (2 months ago)

My husband had an emergency and was transferred to Mobile Infirmary NICU from Thomas Hospital. I can't say enough good things about Mobile Infirmary. The doctors, nurses, and housekeeping staff were great. He was checked on often to make sure everything was OK.Everyone was friendly and very helpful. Even the meals were good. I would highly recommend this facility. Very caring staff. (7 months ago)

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