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Mission Regional Medical Center is the Rio Grande Valley's five-star hospital ranked in the top 5% of all hospitals in the nation. Located in Mission, Texas, you ...

Mission Regional Medical Center is one of the acute care hospitals/facilities located in Hidalgo County, TX.

Mission Regional Medical Center does have an emergency room. They use electronic medical records.

Mission Regional Medical Center is a voluntary non-profit - private hospital.

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Monday Open 24 hours
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Nurses are rude and unfriendly. Had mom there and at times nurses don't answer your calls. Do not offer comfort for overnight stay with patients. Dr. Take forever to come by. Once a day only. (2 months ago)

Doct. Are really ruflde eslpecially this one. He makes jokes of your symptoms and ignores your questions. Even nurses they ditch, and don't have compassion bit they do go right awau for you to sign and ask for imsurance. Fernanfo Arzola. Pray to God he is not in when you go. He is really rude. I went in with chest pain and spinal. And he sarcastically said since he didn't see me crawlimg in, that i wasn't in bad condition. I left untreated with no meds. And spinal still hurting (2 months ago)

The best hospital experience! You never want to be hospitalized but if necessary you want to be at Mission Hospital and you need to have the nurses on the 3rd floor SOUTH wing of this facility!! They were OUTSTANDING, INTELLIGENT and NURTURING!! All factors u need after surgery!! The level of care I received was EXTRAORDINARY! Bless their minds, spirit and lives to continue to do what they so passionately for the ill that cross their paths, they were a true Blessing in mine. (11 months ago)

The last experience we had with our father about 10 years ago was terrible. We had to make sure and monitor everything the nurses were doing. They gave my dad too much insulin and made him go into a diabetic coma and that was just one of their mistakes. Nurses do not read their files. CNA's take out the trash, then check the patient's vitals with the same gloves on. Very reason why bacteria is lurking and contracting patients. You would think the hospital would improve after 10 years, but it hasn't. We just had the same experience this week with my mother. She went in for vomitting, all tests determined that it was her gallbladder and possibly needed surgery until another doctor came in and said it was her liver. She contracted C-diff bacteria there. They milked her Medicaid as much as they could would every type of exam, ultra sound, mri, c-scan, then finally at the end a hydascan which would have determine a gallbladder issue if done at the beginning. Then tests showed liver failure, kidney failure, etc... not sure even to believe that or if lab results are false because my mom was fine. Doctors do not communicate with each other. That was the biggest problem we had. Case managers do not manage anything, they just transfer you to the "nurse". My mom was there almost 6 days and they bathed her only once. This hospital is awful. Don't take your elderly parents there! McAllen is so close. Make the drive to one of their hospitals instead. My mom came out against medical advice. Thank God cause they would have kept her until getting all the money they could then probably end up killing her. And just to let Dr. Castillo know, a person is a human being no matter what age they are! She had the audacity to tell us we should be grateful to have her for so many years. Fyi, my mom walked out of that hospital, happy to go home. If she needs to go back, it will definitely not be Mission Regional Hospital. She is at home now and us doing very well. (4 months ago)

This is where I go for therapy after I lost my leg. The people are very nice and have done a great job at helping me learn to walk again. (6 months ago)

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