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Ministry St Michaels Hospital Of Stevens Point is one of the acute care hospitals/facilities located in Portage County, WI.

Ministry St Michaels Hospital Of Stevens Point does have an emergency room. They use electronic medical records.

Ministry St Michaels Hospital Of Stevens Point is a voluntary non-profit - church hospital.

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Monday Open 24 hours
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Sunday Open 24 hours

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Wish I could give a negative review! The ER and inpatient hospital/ICU consistently treat me like a drug seeker/addict! I am so sick of this "hospital" treating me this way and not relieving my extreme pain when I end up in the ER or admitted into the hospital. 75% of the time I am sent home still in extreme pain! That's not right! I had open heart surgery two years ago which gave me extreme chest pains and now, when I have them again, I'm scared, so I go in. Well I won't be going back in there any longer! I have given this building far too many chances. Thank goodness for Aspirus ER and facility! (a month ago)

Since Ascension took over St Michaels we have seen a steady deterioration of care especially trying to talk to a nurse. It is common to not have anyone return a call for a day and a half or two days. If you don’t have your phone in your hand when they callback, you get a message and the wait starts all over. They now use a call center who can only answer questions off the script given to them. Three recent trips to the ER has confirmed the hospital has gone downhill the same as the clinic. Staff has been cut and those not fired or quit are all overwhelmed. I am actively looking for another facility and given the lack of treatment I have gotten from Ascension, it won’t matter how far I have to drive. I have excellent insurance and feel Ascension has become a scratch and dent health care facility. Wish I could give negative stars. (3 months ago)

The only notable thing about this facility is the care of Dr.Weiss. Other than that, I was mistreated throughout my entire pregnancy & misdiagnosed (me & my infant) multiple times by their providers throughout my life. The most recent was something having to do with my reproductive system. They gave me medication in the ER that damn near killed me. Now, they're trying to make me pay for that bill. They even ran my mother's insurance (which I'm not technically even on) to get payment. That was something that should really have been taken to court. If they misdiagnosed me AND gave me multiple medications that were fatal to my health, they deserve a lawsuit. LASTLY, Jessica in the billing center is the absolute most INCOMPETENT person I have ever met. She's rude, dresses unprofessionally and has lost my insurance information 5/8 times she had to run it throughout a span of a year. If this issue ends up making it to collections because of her incompetency and the facility's poor care, there's no doubt. There WILL be a lawsuit. I understand nursing is a practice but I was misdiagnosed MULTIPLE (4) times & in the end the real issue was completely unrelated to what they kept saying was wrong. Because of these consistent issues, a majority of my family has switched to providers in different cities. I will be doing the same. (a month ago)

I came in to the ER tonight with severe pain, Cameron (RN)who works in the emergency room was super nice and caring and made my horrible situation alot better, he described in great detail what his plan of attack would be from start to finish. THANK YOU CAMERON FOR BRING SO CARING. Sincerely Adam Sparks (a month ago)

I've been to the hospital five times and only one day did I get terrible service. I was given medication that they never talked me to about to get rid of the headache, but gave me severe stomach pain. Had to go on again and instead of just telling me it was a side effect they gave me a x ray and a cat scan even though I had one done only last week. It was completely unnecessary and my concerns were ignored. They increased my risk of cancer for unnecessary tests. I am still angry about it. (3 weeks ago)

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