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Rhinelander, WI 54501 ... Ministry Saint Mary's Hospital provides primary and specialty healthcare services to the counties of Oneida, Vilas, Forest, and Lincoln.

Ministry Saint Marys Hospital is one of the acute care hospitals/facilities located in Oneida County, WI.

Ministry Saint Marys Hospital does have an emergency room. They use electronic medical records.

Ministry Saint Marys Hospital is a voluntary non-profit - private hospital.

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An ambulance had to bring my sister into the ER on a late Saturday afternoon(6-9-18) after a “dock accident.” The ambulance staff was professional, friendly, and thorough(Steve and Rick). They didn’t minimize her back injury in any way. The ER staff was the same. Care was timely. Pain was controlled and tests were done for an accurate diagnosis. The diagnosis and the healing process was explained thoroughly and we were allowed to take pictures of her CT scan films on our phone. Thank you Bonnie(PA-C) and Jackie(RN) and Jeff(radiology) for your excellent care. Hopefully we won’t need you anytime soon but I wouldn’t hesitate to visit this facility again. (a month ago)

I made a call to the billing department around 11 am on Monday, June 18th and spoke with Latrice (sic.) After over an hour of being on the phone, Ascension St. Mary's finally admitted they sent a medical bill I was on a payment plan for to Amcol collection agency for no apparent reason. Not before I was told I probably missed a payment, was "misunderstanding," that I was probably wrong about who actually held my accounts, and was mistakenly transferred to the collection agency itself. I called back furious and was immediately transfered to Latrice, who had messed up the transer. I eventually received a full apology after being repeatedly put on hold and was assured I have no leg work to do on my end, and that I had done nothing wrong. But that's an hour and a half I'll never get back, along with a gallon of stress and my intelligence insulted to boot. I have been fortunate enough to have great care providers there, but the billing department is a nightmare. My husband and I have been double billed on Co-pays before, but we're able to clear them up quickly. This was completely uncalled for. (a month ago)

Horrible place i got here at 5pm and its now 7pm n 6 people who came in after me got seen before me depends on how there emergency is like my right side is hurting and could be my appendix not the forst time this happened run away from this hospital staff rude never did i ever get seen either i get they get busy but when u let 6 peoe in front of me is ridiculous also im going to green bay (in the last week)

Yesterday (2/28/18) at about 12:30 my boyfriend and I came to the E.R./Clinic. My boyfriend was having extereme pain in his back from injuries sustained as a Marine overseas in Iraq. I pull up right to the front enterance of the E.R. and proceed to try and get my boyfriend out of the vehicle. It took me about 5 minutes to get him out and get him balanced on me so I could walk him in. In that time no one came out to help even though there was three women behind the front desk and another male nurse or doctor standing next to the desk. I get him inside and take all of his weight off of me and onto the front desk. The male standing next to the desk walks away and the three females behind the desk carry out their conversation while my boyfriend and I stand there (the big burly marine man as I describe him, is in tears) and they continue on their conversation (not a dire or even work related conversation) for at least a minute. They then check us in with absolutely no urgency and have him take a seat. My boyfriend then lays on the floor because his back is in too much pain to sit in a chair. I ask for an ice pack for while we wait and am told that there will be one provided when we get called back. After waiting for 5 minutes I buy a bottle of water to put on his back to give him at least some comfort. After another 10 minutes a nurse finally sees what I’m doing and brings me an ice pack. After another 10 we are called back and taken care of. The nurse that called us back watched as I tried to peel my boyfriend off the floor. Just standing there. Not offering to help. Looking up at her I notice she has an inch between her pants and shirt that her stomach was showing. Her shirt was too short for her so she was basically wearing a belly shirt. When she bent over the desk to type stuff in her whole back was showing. I found it majorly inappropriate. All in all I am very disappointed with our visit to Ministry today. Sadly the V.A. couldn’t do much for us in my boyfriends predicament otherwise we’d never even have a reason to go to Ministry. (4 months ago)

My mother went to the ER on a Saturday night. She is still in the hospital and will hopefully be released today. She has received excellent care from the ER to ICU, SCU, and now ACU. Doctors, surgeons, nurses, CNAs, kitchen staff, custodial staff, administration etc have all been amazing!! (a month ago)

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