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Milton S Hershey Medical Center is one of the acute care hospitals/facilities located in Dauphin County, PA.

Milton S Hershey Medical Center does have an emergency room. They use electronic medical records.

Milton S Hershey Medical Center is a voluntary non-profit - other hospital.

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Monday Open 24 hours
Tuesday Open 24 hours
Wednesday Open 24 hours
Thursday Open 24 hours
Friday Open 24 hours
Saturday Open 24 hours
Sunday Open 24 hours

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The radiology department is amazing! I had taken my 4 year old daughter there for an MRI with sedation. As soon as we walked in we were greeted by the very friendly receptionist, she was very pleasant and so kind to my daughter, telling her how pretty she was, showing her her pencil with a fuzzy smiley face on it. Then we went back to get her ready for her test. The nurses were so warm and friendly to my daughter and me. We got her dressed in her gown and then another nurse came over and let her pick some stickers to decorate her gas mask and then she let her pick out a scented lip balm to make the inside of her mask smell goid to help her relax and go to sleep. Then the anesthesiologist came in and was very nice and told us what was going on and he told my daughter Annie too what was going on, then the radiologist technician came and in and explained what he was going to do. Then the nurses and I took her over to get sedated and the doctor told me to put the mask over her face to start and then he took over and she was out. It kind of made me feel like a team member helping with my child. After that, the one nurse told us to go down to the cafeteria and eat a bite or get some coffee and come back in an hour and then not too long after that we would be able to see her. So we did so and came back and not too long after we were able to see my Annie, she was still a little out but we sat with her a bit gave her some juice and crackers and then we were done. Before we left the nurses let her pick a toy from a toy box, let her keep the adorable pillow case that was on her pillow And asked Annie if she wanted to take her sticker decorated gas mask home with her, which she said This radiology department s staff was amazing! A bunch of highly devoted caring team players. I never felt more better putting my daughter's care in these people's hands. Thank You All ! (3 weeks ago)

After accompanying my husband to Dr. Ayanardi's office recently as a new patient, our experience was nothing other than exceptional. Each employee we encountered was smiling, happy and helpful. The doctor and his P.A. (or resident, as I am not sure) was just as friendly and professional. I came back to my office and relayed how my experience was to our own staff as to instill this is how an office should be. (2 months ago)

Founded with funding from the Milton S. Hershey Trust, the Penn State Hershey Medical Center provides many services to the local area and is now the largest employer in Derry Township. Their Life Lion Transport includes several modern Helicopters from critical care transportation needs. Hershey Medical Center continues the vision of Milton S. Hershey with a compassionate a caring staff. (a month ago)

DO NOT COME TO THIS EMERGENCY DEPARTMENT EVER 5 day After my husbands accident and 24 hours after he was discharged we were back in the ER with extreme abdominal pain and possible bowel obstruction. We waited an hour for a room. We saw a doctor for 3 minutes and then no one for the next 3 hours except for the blood draw and X-rays. After pushing the nurse button twice (after 3.5 hours)we finally got someone to come in so we could ask for an update. My husband was not offered any medicine at all. The doctor relayed all info to the nurse while she sat at her computer. Turns out he needed a ct (2.5 hours after the X-rays) it took me screaming to get anyone to help us. Do not come here. Horrible bedside manners from the doctors, lack of communication and poor care (2 months ago)

Horrible experience. Too many new inexperienced doctors or residents. We were given wrong information by the 2 doctors and one of the nurses too. It's a lot of things that happened I just don't feel like writing 10 pages (3 weeks ago)

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