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Milford Regional Medical Center is a full-service, non-profit community and regional teaching hospital, located at the intersection of Rte. 16 and Rt. 140

Milford Regional Medical Center is one of the acute care hospitals/facilities located in Worcester County, MA.

Milford Regional Medical Center does have an emergency room. They use electronic medical records.

Milford Regional Medical Center is a voluntary non-profit - other hospital.

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Monday Open 24 hours
Tuesday Open 24 hours
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Sunday Open 24 hours

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Don't ever go to this hospital! I recently went to this hospital because I wasn't feeling emotional stable. They made me feel like a prisoner. Claiming I was suicidal. They took my blood without permission, ran 11 unnecessary tests on it which my insurance company wouldn't cover. Then send me a bill for 1200$. This hospital will take advantage of you. I work in the automotive field, and what they did to me is like having a mechanic pull your car in, run a ton of unnecessary diagnostic on your vehicle without authorization, and then handing you a bill for 1200$. (a month ago)

The bedside manor in the emergency department staff is terrible. I went to the er last night and than back today. the nurses and doctors not all but the ones I dealt with the most where rude and not knowledgeable. I asked questions and got no answers. I have worked in many animal hospitals and with vets and I have never treated a client that way. I asked to see some normal paperwork as to why they were giving me shots and antibiotics and was told no one is allowed to see the test results. I never would deny a client or patient there own test results to see why the treatment was being given. And was told even more disturbing info. (2 months ago)

In the past this hospital was one of the best. Now is the worst, always same diagnostic and the staff RUDE. They always prescribe over the counter medicines like they dont have any licensed doctors. Idk whats wrong with the administration but maybe service in prision is better than here. NOT RECOMMENDED AT ALL. (in the last week)

My experience was positive. The Dr was knowledgeable and able to quickly diagnose. Nurses and CNA's were very attentive and friendly. Room was clean and freshened daily. (3 months ago)

I can’t believe how horrible my experience at the ER was. The nurses were all very nice and helpful. But the two doctors I saw, Dr. Robert A. Negus, and Dr. Bo Gu. I am a 26 year old female have multiple chronic illnesses and I was not able to sleep for about 3 days, so I was not doing well at all. I was trying to get any kind of help, I did not go in there asking for drugs. I said only if I NEED it but that I want to look into other things. But after days of no sleep and brain swelling/pain, and extreme exhaustion/about to have a breakdown because of this, I REALLY needed help. I told them that I don’t take any drugs. Dr. Bo Gu proceeded to ask me “are you sure about that?”.... I told him the strongest thing I took is melatonin! He then told me I should TRY WARM MILK....FOR DAYS OF NO SLEEP AND BRAIN PAIN. Wow. My partner and I were getting treated horribly and finally just asked if they can give us anything just so I could get to sleep that night. I was not looking for anything long term, but I was suffering from extreme exhaustion. Dr. Robert Negus then came in to talk to me, minimizing my problems completely and being incredibly unprofessional. The nurse then told me that I needed to take a urine screening in order to get prescribed anything to help. She said it was a pregnancy test just “in case”. Although I told her there was no way I was pregnant. Later, we talked to Dr. Bo Gu again and he told me I needed a DRUG SCREENING in order to get anything to help. I told them it would come back all negative, but that it was pretty offensive and wrong that they were treating me like I was a junkie for no reason beside the fact that I am a young female, how could I possibly have something wrong with me and not just be looking for drugs? They told us it was a pregnancy test but then the nurse said no it’s a drug test. So they lied to us. My partner was trying to figure out why they were lying to us, and Dr. Bo Gu moved towards him, stood in front of him and got in his face, trying to be intimidating. You can’t just take someone’s urine and lie about what you’re going to do with it!!!! We got treated badly when we tried to figure out why. It all came back negative like I said it would. They then treated me with a little bit more respect, but only after I had to go through that. I’m horribly ill and I got treated so badly. In the end, he said he’s giving me an EXTRA STRENGTH AMBIEN although I never took that before & I said only if needed. He didn’t even discuss it with me, just told me that’s what he’s giving me. I don’t look or seem like I was trying to get drugs, I don’t even want to take them, but that’s what I got treated like. How about doctors LISTEN TO THEIR PATIENTS AND BELIEVE THEM. I’ve had too many bad experiences with doctors and it NEEDS TO STOP. I won’t be going back there. (a month ago)

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