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Midtown Medical Center. Midtown Medical Center traces its roots back to 1836 when the Columbus, GA hospital was a small wooden building on the banks of the ...

Midtown Medical Center is one of the acute care hospitals/facilities located in Muscogee County, GA.

Midtown Medical Center does have an emergency room. They use electronic medical records.

Midtown Medical Center is a voluntary non-profit - other hospital.

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The staff in cardiology, trauma & ICU were angels. It was at check-in that we experienced problems. I pulled up to ER, ran in and told the girl at the front desk that I needed someone to help my boyfriend out of the car because he was having chest pains. There were 2 girls sitting there and another girl in a room to the right. One of the girls at the front desk told me I’d have to get him myself because they didn’t have anyone there to get him. They gave me a wheelchair. Upon bringing him in the girl said she could do nothing until we filled out paperwork. At this point my boyfriend starts to hold his chest & yelled “hurry!” The girl at the desk continued to say you have to fill this paperwork out. Finally another girl began an EKG, she looked nervous, and said he needed to be admitted to trauma immediately. He was having a heart attack right there. During all of this, the two girls kept chatting about their weekend. As I’m asking questions & signing paperwork they very openly had a discussion: “so any way he said this & she said that”. It was very strange & not acceptable for an incredibly scary moment in our lives. This occurred on the morning of 6/23/18 and I hope it will be addressed. (3 weeks ago)

They suck the doctor tried to send my wife home without giving her fluids after telling them she hasn’t drank or ate anything and have been throwing up all day and night! After a nurse seen how bad off she was after being discharged they put her in another room and now have been eating 5 hours to see a dr. I hope y’all have a good lawyer!!!!!!! 🖕🏼 (a month ago)

I would give them 0 stars if I could... I took my son to the pediatric emergency room 03/22/2018 he was breathing funny he had a high fever of 101.1 not eating really not drinking and coughing REALLY bad and on top of all of that he has asthma so they get me signed in call us to the back did his vitals then put us in this room so we waiting for the doctor to come in and let me know what was going on with my son.So the doctor finally came in she listen to his chest and said he sounds clear I said okay so she went on to ask me did I give my son the flu shot and I told her no that I don't believe in it and I didn't want Him to have it so she forgot about the whole reason we were there and started being really pushie like she want me to say okay give him the flu shot WAS NOT GOING TO HAPPEN so now we going back and forth she telling me well I don't no why you came here because I can't do nothing for him take him home and give him honey she didn't prescribed him no steroids to help his coughing or anything so I got my son and got ready to leave now at this point i am frustrated, mad,upset because my son didn't get the proper treatment from a pediatric emergency room so she tells me well you can't leave until you sign the papers and if you leave we going to send you a bill I ask her a bill for what because it's not like she did her job they did NOTHING for my son I will NOT recommend this hospital to no mother if you love you child don't put them or even yourself to that disappointment because from what I seen she was only worried about a bill and my son is STILL sick I am from Florida first time at that hospital and to get that kind of treatment if you have to drive a extra mile to get to another hospital TAKE it because that hospital is not fit to care for someone sick child....😠😠😠 (3 months ago)

Would like to say thank you to the ICU staff Nurses and Doctors for the wonderful care they all provided for my late Wife while she was on ICU. Any questions we had were answered very kindly and with respect to all of us during a very trying time for my family. In short the ICU team is top notch. Also would like to say your E.R. staff is great also would recomend this Hospital to any one (5 months ago)

Went in for large painful lump on my neck the wait wasn't bad but in the back the nurse never changed her gloves the doctor discharged me without discussing anything with me gave me instructions for a procedure that wasn't done and medication I am allergic to and told to take benadryl with it! When I called the patient advocacy office I was told to come back in and I had his number if there was a problem only I don't want to go back and be treated as though I am drug seeking. This er is terrible even if I was dying I would go to any hospital but this one (a month ago)

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