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ALPENA, MI 49707

Learn more about MidMichigan Medical Center - Alpena, medical specialties, advanced technology, phone and location information and more.

Midmichigan Medical Center - Alpena is one of the acute care hospitals/facilities located in Alpena County, MI.

Midmichigan Medical Center - Alpena does have an emergency room. They use electronic medical records.

Midmichigan Medical Center - Alpena is a proprietary hospital.

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Monday Open 24 hours
Tuesday Open 24 hours
Wednesday Open 24 hours
Thursday Open 24 hours
Friday Open 24 hours
Saturday Open 24 hours
Sunday Open 24 hours

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I had total knee replacement. Everyone was friendly, registration was efficient, anesthesiologist was very friendly and communicated choices to me plainly enough so I could understand and make a comfortable decision. Post operative care was phenomenal!! I had a better experience this time than I did 13 years ago on my other knee at a different location further north. The PT department is wonderful, too! Also, my in-home healthcare and PT was professional, yet very personable. I'm highly impressed and satisfied with my care. My surgeon and his staff were above par also. If I had a third leg, I'd be back asap! (in the last week)

The only reason I gave one star is because that is the minimum required for me to express my dislike for this place. I now travel all the way to Gaylord for all my doctors to avoid being sent here for testing, or any other reasons. So the one star I gave is one too many. I will say there are some good caring people working there. Too many mistakes are made here. I feel for anyone having to use this facility. (in the last week)

Just took my 4 month old baby in this past week for violent vomiting and not having a wet diaper for over 6 hours, every nurse and Dr I saw were beyond wonderful and comforting, my baby was dehydrated & the first nurse I had I believe Mark? Attempted to start an IV line but didn't want to push it so called down the OB nurses who came down and helped, I love that if they're not comfortable they weren't afraid to ask for help, just like the first DR I saw he examined him order him to start on fluids then called a pediatric Dr to come follow up. We were there for 4 hours but never went longer then 20 minutes without someone checking on us, I've had plenty of less then satisfied experiences here from the past, but this last visit I have not 1 complaint, only praise for these people that helped my baby. (6 months ago)

Horrible.. I miss Regional. . I would consider going to gaylord next time. To bad I had give a one star. And so this sad story goes on.. received bills from over a year ago stating I had no insurance. Ok so a bloody mess. Thanks to my blue cross they have thier billing department on high watch. Good luck to everyone. We are forced to deal with this. Miss Regional more then ever. (3 months ago)

I've lost family members here, including my step sister. She died from being transferred a million times, drugged, and starved to death. If you live on the Alpena area and you break your leg, then just treat it yourself. Tie some sticks onto it and lay there. Gangrene is better than the drugs and 4 hours in the waiting room that you'll suffer through. These people have zero emotion, almost robotic in nature, and despise everyone who comes it. It's as if they recruited prison guards from a North Korean concentration camp to serve you. I'm convinced that they are possessed by demons, as no human being could be so evil. It's not just the system. The doctors are just as corrupt as whoever runs the place. They ruined my childhood with handfuls of drugs, diagnosed me with non-existent disorders, and took my family members. I don't condone violence, but please burn this place down. Start a riot. I know that people who live in Alpena are stupid (I grew up here and currently live in Arizona). But if you don't want to face certain death, even while donating blood, then get mad! There must be some kind of protest or else people will suffer greatly for generations. Every lawsuit is dismissed, every action blocked. For God's sake, shut it down! The only thing I can praise it for is that if you're near death, they'll make sure to kill you effeciently (slowly, though) and sell your organs to some Armenian guy. At least then, a sick child can use your bootleg organs. I give it -3 stars. If I could divide by zero, that would be the number of stars I would give it. (4 months ago)

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