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Middlesboro Appalachian Regional Healthcare Hospit is one of the acute care hospitals/facilities located in Bell County, KY.

Middlesboro Appalachian Regional Healthcare Hospit does have an emergency room. They use electronic medical records.

Middlesboro Appalachian Regional Healthcare Hospit is a voluntary non-profit - private hospital.

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This hospital is based on the Dr working there. I had to go 2 years ago, and had a thorough Dr. Last time I went the Dr was Dr Buckley. If you see his name, just go ahead and walk out and head out of town to an Er, he ran NO bloodwork, did not do any imaging, and just wrote an antibiotic script, which is not helpful because I cant keep it down, which I also told him. He is negligent at best. (a month ago)

My experience with ARH was excellent with the exception of the ER, I was placed in a room and was there for several hours and was checked on very few times. There was a sign in the room that said that someone would check on you every 30 minutes, this was not so, I was lucky to be checked on every hour to an hour and a half. I was admitted and placed in the ICU department and the difference with the ICU and ER was as different as night and day. The hospital was clean and the nursing staff in the ICU was supurb!! They checked on me constantly and took care of my every need. I was also impressed with the techs from all of the other departments too, all were friendly and professional and seemed to genuinely care. The same with the Doctors too, they where very professional, had good bed side manners and helped me to get better in a quick and peaceful fashion. If I had a better experience with the ER, I would have given Middlesboro ARH a 5 star rating instead of a 4 star rating. (10 months ago)


Have come to admissions/registration three times for a simple X-ray. Of the three visits, only once have I been acknowledged by the ONE person working a three bay admissions desk, with a minimum of five other patients waiting in the lobby. I don't know whether it's the staffing policy via administration or just overwhelming census numbers, but I'm seriously considering changing my primary care physician to avoid having to use this facility. (10 months ago)

Went into ER a week ago (about 9:00 p.m.) for what I learned was a kidney stone. I was in serious pain and they took care of me very quickly. All the staff, nurses, doctor and admitting personal were prompt, pleasant and professional. I left knowing the problem and had medications to ease the discomfort. My personal doctor had the CT (which a little research told me was the correct way to diagnose a Kidney stone) results the next morning when I went to her office and was ready to do excellent follow up. (a year ago)

If there was less than 1 ๐ŸŒŸ that's what I want to truly rate them ... I went in tonight for real help...All I got was descremenated against... Triage didn't see me with in there posted time . Nurse working there didn't do any vitals , once I listened my meds including Suboxone for my addiction disease got treated like trash.. BTW been clean for 3+yrs... I became black sheep... Sent a np in Johnston I believe didn't treat my problems properly which included shortness of breath,chest pain throat problem to most important is the fact I have a severespinal issue Scoclisis in spine chronic condition for years said it was only swollen I'd be ok .... I asked for x-ray since been so long said I didn't need it rushed me out looked less than I'm sure went to sign out clerk rude as devil on revival night when someone gets saved lol... Even rolled eyes when I asked for a copy of paper that she said I was required to read .. asked 3 X's B4 I got it..I'm tired of people's descrimination... I am just important as anyone else we all do so all you people who are in recovery an fighting addiction every day of your life join me... I'm not going to be looked down on over my past... Oh I searched the entire 1st floor for those so called comment cards not 1 to be found and not 1 person would fit me one. Sincerely. ,. Nolene s. AKA: not worthy of your hospital s care... Is ok descrimination on addict's needs more voices join me won't you: addiction is a disease so are my medical problems that went untreated find me on Facebook let our voices become one.. I'm proud of my roots are you??? Help me won't you FB contact: Nolene Sayre I want equal rights... Feel I'm owed more than an apology... Can arh admit there wrong in this??? Let's see add cost of mental problems defamation of character husband stopped me from hurting myself as bad... BTW addict who is clean now also TY_ for listening (a year ago)

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