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"The facilities and staff at Middle Park Medical Center are comfortable, courteous, and very professional. Thank you very much! ... Kremmling, CO 80459.

Middle Park Medical Center is one of the critical access hospitals/facilities located in Grand County, CO.

Middle Park Medical Center does have an emergency room. They use electronic medical records.

Middle Park Medical Center is a government - hospital district or authority hospital.

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I had some blood work done on August 16th, 2017....The price for this blood work was unbelievable. One blood draw cost $615.00...!!!! I had to go into their lab three different times because the lab tech was not able to find a vein. I checked what Quest Labs and LabCorp charge for these same tests and it was approximately 1/4 th of what Middle Park Medical Center charged me....I don't know if they are overbilling or the coding was improper...I called their billing in Kremmling but could not get them to let me know if the coding was incorrect. I left a message for Bethany but have not received any response. This hospital has changed their Computer Data system twice since I have been a patient there within the last four years. It seems all Data Entry staff are confused with their systems. I love my Doctor ....Diane Wettersten P.A. but I wll never have a Lab Work or any kind of tests done at that hospital again...!! There is definitely something wrong with their billing practices...very very unethical and incompetent. (a month ago)

My friend went to this hospital last August. He received terrible care as soon as it was known that he was uninsured. I have been working to get him to write up his experience but he is so afraid of the bill that he is immobilized from complaining and responding. Unfortunately the 60 day window when CMS requires hospitals to respond to a formal grievance has passed. I have been in health care for over 30 years and the treatment he received here was substandard. (a month ago)

Had to make an ER visit as out of towners. Staff treated us with understanding and provided prudent treatment. This was a very convenient option for us being away from a major city. Thanks to the staff. (4 months ago)

I’ve been very pleased with the services provided by this medical center. The staff have always been courteous and helpful and the facility offers a wide range of services. My husband was able to get stitches for a bad cut on a Saturday without an appointment. I had a severe injury to my ankle on a Sunday night and the emergency staff was able to stabilize the three fractures in my ankle and put my dislocated foot back in place providing tremendous relief to me. I was then able to see an excellent orthopedic specialist at Middle Park and have surgery there to repair my ankle. I had all my specialist appointments there and all the X-rays. I also went through an excellent physical therapy program at Middle Park. The care and skill of the Middle Park providers resulted in a totally excellent outcome after my serious injury without having to take even one trip to Denver. My husband was able to complete a course of cardiac rehab at Middle Park which greatly improved his recovery from bypass surgery. I’ve been able to get same day appointments for urgent care when my family doctor was unavailable and both my husband and I have used the colonoscopy services at Middle Park. Everyone I know has been grateful they don’t have to leave the county to have this procedure performed. In short, We’ve had nothing but very positive experiences at Middle Park. Sandra Lenga (5 months ago)

Took a good friend of mine to MPMC for excessive vomiting/diarrhea. We were there for 8-9 hours and never saw an actual physician. While his primary nurse was nice, she didn't give us any education regarding the treatments they were trying/what they suspected was wrong. They attempted to discharge him too early, and he started vomiting again. After sitting in the dark for another 6 hours, a new nurse came in and gruffly said it was time for him to go. At this point he was so medicated he could barely stand on his own, but was no longer vomiting. We took him home with little further incidents. Looking back, it definitely felt like an unsafe discharge. I've discussed contacting the ethics department regarding his case. I suspect we were treated this way because we were all ~20 year old seasonal workers who clearly had limited funds, as it seems few others have had similar experiences. As a nursing student myself I was disappointed with this facility. (8 months ago)

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