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Welcome to MetroWest Medical Center . Welcome to MetroWest Medical Center. Our two hospitals in Natick and Framingham offer advanced diagnostic and treatment options ...

Metrowest Medical Center is one of the acute care hospitals/facilities located in Middlesex County, MA.

Metrowest Medical Center does have an emergency room. They use electronic medical records.

Metrowest Medical Center is a voluntary non-profit - private hospital.

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I had a pretty major surgery yesterday and I couldn't have been happier with the staff!! The nurses and doctors were kind and comforting. Definitely a great experience for my first ever surgery. Thank you! . (a month ago)

Your doctors should be ashamed of themselves I just spent over 4 hours waiting to be able to spend two minutes with a doctor to tell me that she could not think of a way to help me. Didn't want to look at me nothing didn't care she was too busy and told me she was too busy to be able to help me I am a veteran I deserve better. I think it's just very sad that because of the way I look I treated differently. I am disgusted. That doctor should be ashamed of herself. *It's now a month later and I am still dealing with this. Don't know where to turn. I don't know what more I can take. (2 months ago)

The nurses there are insane and abusive. The security personnel are immature punks that mock patients and act as if they are hanging out drinking beers with each other at a bar. The doctors are liars and unqualified to diagnose. It is severely understaffed. You will wait forever for help and when you receive it, it will do no good. Never go to this hospital. (in the last week)

My father went with my mother to the emergency room because of a lot of pain in his chest and stomach. Prior of heading to the doctor he was experiencing chills and vomiting and breathing issues. They went into the Emergency Room to be sat down when they were the only ones there for an hour. Mind you my mother explained to the people in the waiting room my father has respiratory issues and could not breath. The lady there began to explain how emergencies were taken first and for my father to wear a mask so that he didn't get people sick.... I WILL NEVER BRING NOR SUGGEST FOR SOMEONE TO GO HEAR. THESE PEOPLE DO NOT CARE ABOUT THE PATIENTS. I am not a medical professional but honestly if a 55+ year old man is passed out in your waiting room with KNOWN MEDICAL HISTORY FROM THE SAME HOSPITAL WHO TOLD HIM HE HAD RESPIRATORY ISSUES WHICH WAS THE CAUSE OF A HEART ATTACK IN THE PASSED THEN WHY WOULD YOU NOT TAKE HIM IN IMMEDIATELY. . What is even worse is that even my own doctor confirmed the flu that has been going around this year is very bad and these people still do not handle situations in emergency waiting rooms properly. I mean does it not seem logical to have a doctor go into the waiting room for a quick checkup with a patient to just make sure immediate care is not needed. Because it seems like the people at the front desk just make visual judgement and this won't change most likely until someone dies in that waiting room. Completely flabbergasted by this hospital. No wonder they have 2.4 review. What is worse is that this seems to be a very constant issue in multiple reviews but like i said this hospital won't change one thing because they don't care. Until someone dies in the waiting room because of their negligence that's when they will change but not because of a patient but because of bad PR. Horrible. (4 months ago)

One star is a gift - literally. This is a complaint from the inside. I worked there this last time for about 10 months - but off an on for about 20 years...but I digress. I was the Patient Relations Manager, where I was to advocate for the rights of the patient and make sure that the quality of care they received was appropriate. This is just ONE instance: A patient brought her infant daughter into the ER where she was stuck 4 or 5 times. Blood was never obtained, so they left. She ended up bringing her daughter to Boston Children's where the blood was obtained and care was received. The mother complained about her copayment and wanted her bill written off (and yes, contrary to popular belief, co-payments can be written off under certain circumstances.) I brought this complaint to the ER Director where he agreed with the patient's mom that it should be written off. My supervisor, on the other hand, thought we needed the money, and said we should make her pay it. To add insult to injury, according to CMS regulations, she was supposed to get a response within 7 days, and last I knew before leaving, it was going on about 3 weeks. That is just ONE of a PILE of complaints that make this a negative workplace. I'll also leave you with this - I never received my tax information. After leaving calls upon calls for the HR director, and it now being April 4th. I now have to complain online and to the IRS. It's a shame, too because the clinical staff really want to help people - administration, on the other hand...well, just look at the revolving door. (a month ago)

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